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a freight car with roof and sliding doors in the sides

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Closest to the street, a string of empty box cars stood on a siding.
12 (1949) The "Merci, America" box car (#10) arrived in Jackson as a thank you from the people of France for U.S.
Last summer I was frustrated to experience both these problems with my heirloom Box Car Willie tomatoes.
Using these slightly contaminated pallets made securing and placing the Pad 16 material into the box car for permanent disposition a more effective and faster process.
After falling out of vogue for some time, supergroups have seen a bit of a resurgence since the early Noughties, with the likes of Box Car Racer, Velvet Revolver, Audioslave and Atoms For Peace.
It has an engine, flat bed, coal car, box car and the caboose.
While atop a box car with his traveling companions, he reflected: "I was thinking about a homeland, a homeland where you didn't have to be scared.
Andy Williams, Glen Campbell and Box Car Willie are among leading stars to open theatres in the town.
Build a Box Car This is the perfect activity for pre-schoolers and all you need is a reasonably-sized cardboard box, a soft toy and some sticky tape.
The companies said the kit is ideal for customers who are designing black box car drive recorders or other applications that require two cameras.
"Box Car Barney": Box Car Barney, bard of the greeting/cards, sold by the railroad locomotive verse/clicking to the track's predictable signals, smooth/as iron wheels rolling to their whistle-stops./His shop was a cardboard box, the necklace of/commerce,/and the hanging Babylon of charity with hand dangling a cup--the cash register of the homeless.
BOX CAR: The cardboard Aston Martin and, right, the model's ejector seat button
Each siding was initially a spur track and a box car numbered in consecutive order north from Calgary.
"All of us have massive input, it's a collaborative effort," he claims of his new bandmates, Box Car Racer guitarist David Kennedy, former Offspring drummer Atom Willard and one-time Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn.
ANGELSANDAIRWAVES, the new band led by Box Car Racer old boy Tom Delonge, are at Birmingham Academy next Friday.