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a freight car with roof and sliding doors in the sides

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Thanks to Craig, Box Car Willie has been removed from my list of tomato failures and will be back in my garden next summer.
Andy Williams, Glen Campbell and Box Car Willie are among leading stars to open theatres in the town.
Build a Box Car This is the perfect activity for pre-schoolers and all you need is a reasonably-sized cardboard box, a soft toy and some sticky tape.
The companies said the kit is ideal for customers who are designing black box car drive recorders or other applications that require two cameras.
Box Car Barney": Box Car Barney, bard of the greeting/cards, sold by the railroad locomotive verse/clicking to the track's predictable signals, smooth/as iron wheels rolling to their whistle-stops.
All of us have massive input, it's a collaborative effort," he claims of his new bandmates, Box Car Racer guitarist David Kennedy, former Offspring drummer Atom Willard and one-time Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn.
ANGELSANDAIRWAVES, the new band led by Box Car Racer old boy Tom Delonge, are at Birmingham Academy next Friday.
Abrams Few Clothes Mississippi Charles Bevel Sop the Bottom Carl Cofield My Honey Clinton Derricks-Carroll Stew Beef Doug Eskew Dicey Long Perri Gaffney Ella Wall Deidre Goodwin Laura B Gabrielle Goyette Bunch Lynda Gravatt Lonnie Kevin Jackson Box Car Marc Damon Johnson Do Dirty Michael Keck Mandella Aliza Kennerly Big Sweet Kecia Lewis Nunkie Rudy Roberson Preacher Bill Sims Jr.
Great in-game soundtrack featuring today's top artists such as The Rollins Band, Godsmack and Box Car Racer.
I will be offering him advice, but William already knows the place well from running round it most nights when he joined Michael Chapman's stable after leaving school," said Billy, who partners the Russell Wilman-trained Box Car.
Consequently, SCSM is a shipping-oriented company, with a bank of truck docks, special box car loading docks, and barge loading docks on the Kanawha River, part of the Mississippi/Ohio River system.
I'd call this car cuisine for Match Box car aficionados and their sisters.
River Bann battled on gamely to beat Box Car at Windsor in May and followed that with a close fourth to Star Cast at Goodwood on June 1.
A French box car bearing the inscription Hommes 40-Chevaux 8 [40 men, 8 horses
The band also includes guitarist David Kennedy, notably from Over My Dead Body, Hazen Street and Box Car Racer; drummer Atom Willard from The Offspring and Rocket from the Crypt; and bassist Matt Wachter from 30 Seconds to Mars.