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a freight car with roof and sliding doors in the sides

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Also on the fleet acquisition list is 600 60-foot double-door box cars for forest products and metals traffic.
He also enjoyed collecting baseball cards and match box cars.
His trail goes from Stockport, Manchester where he grew up known as 'Dave the Wheels', as he'd sell scrap metal to kids to make soap box cars, to his grandfather's own childhood in Istanbul.
TRAIN-SPOTTING TRAVELLERS WITH AN EYE FOR PASSING box cars or long-distance vans will probably recognize the name Maersk, even without knowing it is the Christian name of Denmark's richest shipping magnate and, more recently, Danish opera's greatest benefactor.
Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, 3930-78th Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6B 2W4, Canada, (780) 440-6284.
Neither party wants box cars of information to be provided in response to the regulations.
The trains had lithographed passenger and freight sets in bright colors, with orange box cars, red gondolas, and an ivory and tan caboose.
New are the Puzzle and Dinosaur cars, while being retired are the Pumper and Box cars.
100-ton capacity, "high-cube" box cars or "Plate F" railcars available for shipping paper.
His experience in the foundry industry began during college when he unloaded box cars and ran a muller in an iron foundry From 1964-1975, Barnhard worked for Independence Foundry & Manufacturing Co.
Living quarters for Negro workers are "match-box" shacks or box cars, segregated from white workers in the towns and in the camps.