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a freight car with roof and sliding doors in the sides

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Closest to the street, a string of empty box cars stood on a siding.
Serving more than 500 customers in North America, First Union Rail offers a range of customized finance and operating lease structures, as well as marketing and transportation management services with a selection of box cars, covered hoppers, gondolas, open-top hoppers, flat cars, tank cars, intermodal equipment and locomotives.
queuing up for free stew, or being shoved into box cars, or crouched
Buckton, wrote Douglass in the Aslef Journal, "suggested I was 'quite mad' but said he wouldn't be looking and the driver, he was sure, wouldn't notice 2,000 unofficial hobos in the box cars."
Now wouldn't it be nice if loud music was included in the proposed new legislation as well, then we wouldn't have to be deafened by wide boys and their boom box cars as they drive through town!
Its rolling stock order includes 1,300 container cars, 588 covered hoppers for grain, 317 multi-level cars for vehicles, 300 gondolas for coal, 232 ore cars for pelletized iron ore produced in Minnesota, and 200 box cars.
And there are three new feature twin-pack sets: Box Cars, Sodor Dairy Cars and the Light-Up Aquarium Cars.
There is an assortment of reefs within five miles of the beaches in this area including the School Busses, the Crane, the Box Cars, Doctors Pass Reef and the Clam Pass reef.
At a scale of about 160:1, N gauge box cars are the size of half-smoked cigars.
He also enjoyed collecting baseball cards and match box cars.
His trail goes from Stockport, Manchester where he grew up known as 'Dave the Wheels', as he'd sell scrap metal to kids to make soap box cars, to his grandfather's own childhood in Istanbul.
TRAIN-SPOTTING TRAVELLERS WITH AN EYE FOR PASSING box cars or long-distance vans will probably recognize the name Maersk, even without knowing it is the Christian name of Denmark's richest shipping magnate and, more recently, Danish opera's greatest benefactor.
If it is true that the economy, growth and development are linked together like box cars on a train, then Alaska is on track.