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a man's tie that ties in a bow

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OKLAHOMA CITY Racing and fashion fans will be dressing in their finest attire to enter Remington Park's annual Kentucky Derby Hat & Bowtie Contest on Saturday.
It consists of a gold nanoring and bowtie antenna at the center (BCR), both of which have been previously and thoroughly studied [11,14].
Floombert is ready for his date in a kiddie-sized bowtie by Anthill Fabric Gallery
Let G' be obtained from G by deleting the two terminal bowties of [R.sub.4] and adhering a bowtie to vertex u;
Figure 6(b) shows how the 18-by-10 unit cells composed of two cross bowties with the chip resistors in Unit Cell II form a 540 mm x 300 mm planar absorber.
In one photograph, the mum-of-three bends down over the jewel chest that is overflowing with glittering goodies, including diamante shoes and bowties.
When three London-born brothers -- Zubair, Talha and Zak Timol -- were given a sewing machine, they patched in their knowledge of printing technology, added their love for bowties and voila!
Beyond the stereotype of glasses, bowties, and tweed jackets, the authors also examined how faculty race and gender were portrayed in film, and how these depictions may influence student evaluations of professors.
A unique combination of arts and crafts and construction toys, these funky items combine colorful, bendable, and big fuzzy noodles--Fuzzoodles--with wacky features like crazy eyes and big-time toothy smiles, along with cool accessories such as bowties and purses.
When all the plates are dry, refold the plates into bowties and secure them with bobby pins.
TO OUR LITTLE VALENTINE She's a stunner, and there's no doubt With caramel hair, and a cute little pout The most gorgeous eyes you've ever seen Total perfection, a beauty queen It's her birthday on Valentine's Day We'll sing her a song, then shout, hip hip hooray She'll have lots of presents, with ribboned bowties And amagicalwonder, in those big blue eyes Like twinkle, twinkle, she's our little star As she dances and sings to grandad's guitar She's our beautiful granddaughter And no other's the same, in her pigtails and ribbons Taylor Jane.
The band are all wearing suits and fancy bowties which suggests that they were at least semi-professional and not just a bunch of lads who played a couple of gigs.
In an attempt to patch up stylistic holes in her partner's otherwise impeccable wardrobe, Ani Tzenkova started making bowties. "I noticed that he only had very simple bowties and never wore them," says the LA-based designer.
The updated uniforms are all shades of green, and don't include bowties.