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the sport of shooting arrows with a bow

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The portrait of Jacob Olycan hit the bull's-eye, perhaps more successfully than Hals's bowmanship deserved.
Equally important, Dan and Al's bowmanship, expertise, and support--along with God's help--have kept me on target.
In the 12th century, Henry I went as far as to absolve from the charge of manslaughter any man who accidentally shot someone else while practising his bowmanship.
Time and again he begins his chapters by invoking "the spirit of the story" as a kind of justification for what he is about to write: "The spirit of the story, which tempts [us] to write, whispers that we should dare speak at length of bowmanship, pretend to know it as most other things pertaining to the story"; and elsewhere, "Perhaps it is a shame to argue with other, and older, stories, yet it must be acknowledged that this [i.e., a certain statement in the medieval written record] is probably not correctly stated." A historical novelist needs no such excuse or explanation.
Horace characterizes each of these examples briefly: Helen, for her attraction to her adulterer's external appearance, wealth, and splendor; Teucer, for bowmanship; Idomeneus and Sthenelus, for praiseworthy fighting; Hector and Deiphobus, fierce and savage, for taking blows to protect chaste wives and children; and, last, Agamemnon, simply as one of many brave men.