Bowman's capsule

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thin double membrane surrounding the glomerulus of a nephron

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We define periglomerular fibrosis as glomeruli with open capillaries, but lamellated, frequently wrinkled, Bowman capsular basement membrane and circumferential layers of interstitial-type collagen around, within, or between the usually thickened, frequently lamellated, Bowman capsule basement membrane (Figure 2).
X-linked heterozygotes show a discontinuous or mosaic pattern, with alternating positive and negative staining areas of the GBM and of Bowman capsule (Figure 4, B).
These glomeruli also had periglomerular fibrosis in and around the Bowman capsule but no evidence of segmental sclerosis of the glomerular capillary tufts.
11) The lesions seen in diabetic nephropathy that are represented as hyalinosis of the glomerular capillary tuft, arterioles, and capsular drops localized on the inner aspect of the Bowman capsule have been described in the literature as insudative lesions because they include blood-derived proteins, such as IgM and C1q.
In the prostodin group, glomerular hypertrophy and vascular dilation were noted and urinary space declined, in a way that in some points in glomeruli network, Bowman capsule was seen due to increased size in vicinity of external wall (Figure 2).