Bowman's capsule

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thin double membrane surrounding the glomerulus of a nephron

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The same paper also proved that glomerular size was reduced, the Bowman capsule was absent, and that hyaline tubular degeneration developed.
neglecta caused tubular damage in some regions, but no damage and/or change was observed in the structure of glomeruli and Bowman capsule as the most important parts of the kidneys.
Kidney biopsy revealed segmental adhesions of the capillary tuft to Bowman capsule in 11 of 22 glomeruli.
The lesion called the capsular drop is present between the basement membrane and parietal epithelial cells of the Bowman capsule and stains similar to the hyalinotic counterpart seen in the glomerular capillary tuft.
The other main type of glomerular solidification is when the glomerular capillary tuft retracts to the vascular pole, and the Bowman capsule is filled with interstitial-type collagen.
Figure 4, A, illustrates the normal staining pattern of renal cortex for [[alpha].sub.5](IV) with diffuse, linear staining of the GBM and the basement membrane of Bowman capsule, and focal linear tubular basement membrane staining, representing staining of the distal tubular basement membrane.