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Synonyms for bowler

a cricketer who delivers the ball to the batsman in cricket

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a player who rolls balls down an alley at pins

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a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim

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'Play!' suddenly cried the bowler. The ball flew from his hand straight and swift towards the centre stump of the wicket.
It was a sight to see the professionals bowling like demons for the hard cash, for whenever a stump was hit a pound was tossed to the bowler and another balanced in its stead, while one man took #3 with a ball that spreadeagled the wicket.
No subtleties are lost up there; and if ever a bowler was full of them, it was A.
"With a pitch to help me, I'd have done something big; as it is, three for forty-one, out of the four that fell, isn't so bad for a slow bowler on a plumb wicket against those fellows.
For the first time that morning the Fynes saw the front door of the awful house open and the objectionable young man issue forth, his rascality visible to their prejudiced eyes in his very bowler hat and in the smart cut of his short fawn overcoat.
Away runs Jack, shouting and trusting to the chapter of accidents; but the bowler runs steadily under it, judging every spin, and calling out, "I have it," catches it, and playfully pitches it on to the back of the stalwart Jack, who is departing with a rueful countenance.
They would look upon it as a snare of the tempter; and I know that in my own case I only began to be shocked at the blackness of my nails the day that I began to lose the first whiteness of my soul by falling in love at fifteen with the parish organist, or rather with the glimpse of surplice and Roman nose and fiery moustache which was all I ever saw of him, and which I loved to distraction for at least six months; at the end of which time, going out with my governess one day, I passed him in the street, and discovered that his unofficial garb was a frock-coat combined with a turn-down collar and a "bowler" hat, and never loved him any more.
He could spar better than Knuckles, the private (who would have been a corporal but for his drunkenness, and who had been in the prize-ring); and was the best batter and bowler, out and out, of the regimental club.
As if unable to grasp what is due to the difference of latitudes, he wore a brown bowler hat, a complete suit of a brownish hue, and clumsy black boots.
The club's AGM goes ahead at the centre on Shrewsbury Sports Village from 7.30pm with president Dave Farmer urging the county's vast ranks of outdoor crown green bowlers to carry on playing indoors through the winter.
"India is fortunate and lucky enough as they have four-five fast bowlers who can bowl at 140 kmph and above.
As Bangladesh gears up to take on mighty Australia, following their record-breaking victory against West Indies, the question again came to the fore whether they can deal with the barrage of short balls from Aussie fast bowlers, who are more potent in executing the plan than the Caribbean pacers, And when Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc, the top two pacers of Australia have been in threatening form, tearing apart the batting line up of any team in this World Cup, the question is obvious.
Brimming with confidence, they are belting Pakistan bowlers at will on placid batting tracks at home.
She claimed her 147th ODI wicket in her 118th appearance, which helped her leapfrog Anisa Mohammad of the West Indies and Australia's Lisa Sthalekar into third place on the all-time list of most successful bowlers, behind fast bowlers Jhulan Goswami of India (218) and Australia's Cathryn Fitzpatrick (180).
Wahab pointed out that T20 cricket 'is a bit harsh on the fast bowlers. So when a bowler gets someone out, they should celebrate to show their happiness.'