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Synonyms for bowleg

a leg bowed outward at the knee (or below the knee)

have legs that curve outward at the knees

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In-toeing and bowlegs usually disappear by age three to four and knock-knees by age 11-12.
The company is offering a 25% discount on vacation condominium and home rental accommodations, on the occasion of Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival, held annually at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, US.
Were the legs bowed at birth and in infancy, or did the bowlegs develop later on when the child started walking?
COVINGTON, THE BILLY BOWLEGS WAR (1855-1858) THE FINAL STAND OF THE SEMINOLES AGAINST THE WHITES at 3 (1982) and also "According to a history of Volusia County: 'In 1854, when Volusia County was created, nearly all of the fifty property holders had obtained 160 acres of land from the government under the Armed Occupation Act of 1842.
Knock-knees in children are less of a parental concern than bowlegs.
Ever since the Hyatt opened in the '70s, The Boathouse (originally called Billy Bowlegs Banana Patch) has been a popular casual dining destination with both hotel guests and locals who love that the place is open late at night.
Most Seminoles were now with Chief Billy Bowlegs and Chief Sam Jones in south Florida, where conflicts continued.
The stewards inquired in the running and riding of Bowlegs Billy, who finished a never-dangerous fifth.
Silver--Billy Bowlegs Buffalo Beer, Spanish Springs Brewing Company, The Villages, FL
The same squat bowlegs, the same protruding eyes and puffed lips, but a ghostly presence that mocked everything his father had built.
Ace dreams of a sexy blond woman on a train but marries dark-haired Mara from Ra}ka, whose firm breasts suggest his ideal while blinding him to her bowlegs and ugly face.
See a doctor immediately if you suspect you have scoliosis (a lateral curve of the spine), genetic biomechanical structural problems such as knock knees or bowlegs, diseases that change your regular posture, pain radiating down your leg (perhaps with tingling or numbness), a fall or any acute situation that changes your posture or your gait, bladder problems associated with back pain or any pain that will not go away.
They have short stature, bowlegs or knock-knees, and deformities of the skull.
Sporting a magnificent feather and a handsome poncho, he stands straighter and leaner in his final form, with muscular arms and bowlegs, as befits a man on horseback.
Bowlegs are caused from rickets or some other physical condition, but not from early exercises.