Bowie knife

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a stout hunting knife with a single edge

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replied Tom Hunter, whittling with his bowie-knife the arms of his easy chair; "but if that be the case there, all that is left for us is to plant tobacco and distill whale-oil.
Harper's Weekly, a leading Northern newspaper, ran a full-page sketch in their August 31,1861, issue depicting soldiers throwing knives at a targeted tree and a caption that read: "Camp Life in The Confederate Army--Mississippians Practicing With the Bowie-Knife,"
He had a bowie-knife concealed under his vest and suspended to the waistband of his breeches, which he took out occasionally and brandished in his hand.
72) News of another assault led a Charleston man to warn that Jacksonville was gaining a bad reputation in northern cities "on account of that bowie-knife business last spring.