Bowie knife

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a stout hunting knife with a single edge

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"I do run a risk, but--" he threw open his overcoat, and showed two pistols and a bowie-knife. "There!" he said, "I'm ready for 'em!
Harper's Weekly, a leading Northern newspaper, ran a full-page sketch in their August 31,1861, issue depicting soldiers throwing knives at a targeted tree and a caption that read: "Camp Life in The Confederate Army--Mississippians Practicing With the Bowie-Knife,"
He had a bowie-knife concealed under his vest and suspended to the waistband of his breeches, which he took out occasionally and brandished in his hand.
Allison and Co., of Maysville, Benton County, Ark, in which the latter was slain with a bowie-knife. Some difficulty had for some time existed between the parties.
Louis, being arrested (I forget for what) and knowing he had no chance of a fair trial drew his bowie-knife and ripped the constable across the body.