Bowie knife

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a stout hunting knife with a single edge

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Responding to the tweet, Pratt recalled a childhood memory when he had a Bowie knife which was made in Pakistan, according to a Tribune report .
But they venture into the Wolf Creek crater, where a villainous bushman prepares to introduce the couple to his trusty Bowie knife. DVD PS15.99/Blu-ray PS17.99
DAVID BOWIE (pictured): Born David Jones, Bowie didn't want to be confused with Davy Jones of The Monkees, so took his last name from the Bowie knife.
Anecdotal evidence says that Hickok, armed with a pistol, rifle and a Bowie knife, killed nine outlaws and was shot 11 times himself.
If they want to be sporting, then they should hunt grizzlies with a bowie knife. "Sporting" would necessarily mean the animal has a chance to defend itself and not just be killed at long distance without knowing who or what hit it.
Alan Norton said Fuller had given a "Bowie knife" to a friend and co-worker, Steven Harris, to use when they went out walking.
"In addition, the rare Thomas Todd Tunstall Bowie knife will be on display.
Ned Buntline Provided Wyatt Earp with Buntline Special gun allegedly used at Gunfight at the OK Corral Texas Jack An associate of Buntline Bat Masterson Buffalo hunter, US marshal and army scout Virgil Earp US deputy marshal and younger brother of Wyatt Earp Pat Garrett Lawman who killed Billy The Kid Leroy Parker Better known as Butch Cassidy Jim Bowie Knife named after him, died at the Battle of the Alamo Bose Ikard Cattle-drive pioneer Heck Thomas Oklahoma lawman horse and I suggested Ned Buntline.
Allen referred to a Bowie knife which he said should carry Ms Davison's and Scott's DNA, but he was not prepared to show police where the knife was.
That's how it used to be in Arizona: In Phoenix, you could carry a concealed pocketknife, but not a dagger or bowie knife. In neighboring Tempe, knives were banned only in bars and liquor stores.
A historical marker on the island marks the spot of the duel, and the Bowie knife, appropriately, is part of the island 's logo.
With his flashlight in one hand and bowie knife in the other, Bobby Lee began crawling through the thorny tunnel on his hands and knees.
A FATHER out to avenge his son's mistreatment ended up in the dock after arming himself with an ornamental bowie knife.