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the sport of shooting arrows with a bow

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Bowhunters have a lot, and I mean A LOT, to be thankful for.
So, who are these bowhunters? Data collected from Hunter-Survey and ShooterSurvey show the majority of bowhunters are 24-to 31-years-old and represent 31 percent of participants.
We (the Ohio Bowhunters Association) were passionate about protecting bowhunting and our bow season from being exploited by crossbow manufacturers and their lobbyists.
DEC initiated the Bowhunter Sighting Log to help monitor wildlife population trends.
Normally, it's quite easy to tell from the sidelines what a bowhunter should work on, but Mike's game is solid.
Many bowhunters overemphasize the difference between light and heavy hunting arrows.
Today, about four out of every 10 hunters in North America are bowhunters. What makes this data truly remarkable is compared to the total number of firearms hunters, which has been decreasing as mentioned above, bowhunter numbers have been increasing.
As a subscriber arid very interested reader of BOWHUNTING, I have for some time now wondered if you and the regular USA bowhunters are aware how very different we as hunters are here in Australia, including the animals we are allowed to hunt.
"Shooting a league forces a bowhunter to focus on one spot, which is something many bowhunters have a problem with.
* You can become a Bowhunter Education instructor and work to maintain a high ethical standard for all new bowhunters.
AS I GO THROUGH the year reviewing and buying hunting stories to fill these pages, and while traveling for Bowhunter TV, listening to the stories of bowhunters I meet along the way, there is one obvious takeaway: Every bowhunt, regardless of location, species being hunted, or experience level of the bowhunter, has the potential to deliver that which we all seek --the thrill of the hunt.
The fact is, spring can be a busy time for the active bowhunter. Let me count the ways:
THIS ISSUE MARKS THE 45TH YEAR that Bowhunter Magazine has been bringing bowhunting adventures, tactics, destinations, gear, and expertise into the homes of those who are passionate about the pursuit of game with a bow and arrow.
I'D BE A LIAR IF I SAID, "it seems like yesterday." But with this 45th Anniversary issue of Bowhunter Magazine comes my 45th year with the magazine, and it has been a wonderful ride.