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Synonyms for bow


bow down to someone


bow to something or someone


  • give in to
  • accept
  • comply with
  • succumb to
  • submit to
  • surrender to
  • yield to
  • defer to
  • concede to
  • acquiesce to
  • kowtow to


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Synonyms for bow

to incline the body

to give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength

to conform to the will or judgment of another, especially out of respect or courtesy

an inclination of the head or body, as in greeting, consent, courtesy, submission, or worship

something bent

to swerve from a straight line

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Synonyms for bow

a knot with two loops and loose ends


Related Words

a slightly curved piece of resilient wood with taut horsehair strands

front part of a vessel or aircraft

a weapon for shooting arrows, composed of a curved piece of resilient wood with a taut cord to propel the arrow

something curved in shape


bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame or greeting

an appearance by actors or performers at the end of the concert or play in order to acknowledge the applause of the audience


Related Words

a decorative interlacing of ribbons

a stroke with a curved piece of wood with taut horsehair strands that is used in playing stringed instruments

bend one's knee or body, or lower one's head

yield to another's wish or opinion

bend the head or the upper part of the body in a gesture of respect or greeting

bend one's back forward from the waist on down

play on a string instrument with a bow

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Semi-finals - Scott 21 Dyson 20, Reeves 17 Bowes 21.
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CCTV also showed Mr Bowes walking into a mob of rioters just before the fatal attack and passersby trying to help him after he fell to the pavement.
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In a dour affair the Seasiders broke through on 36 minutes when Bowes was upended in the area and he got up to lash home the resultant penalty.
Simon Christie, prosecuting, told Liverpool crown court Miss O'Neill, 32, and her friend Donna Langley, 20, had accepted a lift home from Bowes following a night out in Birkenhead on October 4 last year.
Bowes, joint founder of the Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle, County Durham, inherited Streatlam Stud in 1820 after the death of his father.
* Type of postage: When consumers scan an envelope, they may not pay attention to whether it was mailed at first class or bulk mail rates, Pitney Bowes reports--but they do respond more favorably to real stamps or metered postage.