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any of various birds of the Australian region whose males build ornamented structures resembling bowers in order to attract females

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We do not believe bowerbirds are intentionally growing these plants, but this accumulation of preferred objects close to a site of habitation is arguably the way any cultivation begins.
However, the scientists do not believe the bowerbirds are intentionally cultivating the plants: it is more likely that they are growing around their bowers as a result of the birds gathering fruits for display.
Researchers at the Universities of Exeter (UK), Postdam (Germany), Deakin and Queensland (Australia) discovered male bowerbirds had unusually high numbers of fruit-bearing plants growing around their bowers, and used these fruits in order to attract females.
Feeling at home: Sir David Attenborough with a bower, built by the bowerbirds.
Scrum-is the former to don as he fabulous guests an Martin also Here, he investigates animals that build structures, including bowerbirds, who select mates based on their home decorations, and hornets that build central heating systems
Then he begins a series of flawless imitations of many of the other birds that share his home--satin bowerbirds, rosella parrots, yellow honeyeaters, kookaburras.
A study of the bowerbird, better known for its elaborate mating rituals, found it learns its calls directly from the species being mimicked, rather than from other bowerbirds.
Raucous birdlife kicks in at dawn, with screeching corellas, rainbow bee-eaters, screaming bowerbirds and honeyeaters, while a boulder-clambering gorge hike to a waterhole reveals endless native plants - pandanus, melaleuca, grevillea, wattle.
Guitarist and songwriter Moore and percussionist Tacular, along with Mark Paulson on piano, violin and percussion, make up The Bowerbirds, a band that began by writing personal music to praise nature.
Bowerbirds (Chlamedera nuchalis) were notorious for stealing finished points, and care was taken not to leave them lying around camps or exposed in situations where they could be stolen.
Co-option of male courtship signals from aggressive display in bowerbirds.
Bird and whalesong, with their dialects and fashions, elaborate gibbon duetting, the creation of visual displays by bowerbirds, dolphins or chimpanzees: these are automatically excluded from any prospect of continuity with human art.
Multimodal Displays Age-related variation in female preferences drives complex sexual displays in satin bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus).
141) Male bowerbirds build elaborate structures known as bowers and then attempt to entice females to enter and mate.
Male bowerbirds weave fancy stick structures called bowers to impress female birds.