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any of various birds of the Australian region whose males build ornamented structures resembling bowers in order to attract females

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The main character in The Bower Bird is Gussie, a spirited 12-year-old who suffers from the same condition and is waiting for a heart transplant.
The shortlist for the children's award is comprised of Elizabeth Laird's 'Crusade', Ann Kelley's 'The Bower Bird', Marcus Sedgwick's 'Blood Red Snow White', and Meg Rosoff's 'What I Was'.
The male bower bird knows how to build a sturdy home.
And their choices can produce male birds that are incredibly colourful, and some that are elaborate dancers or designers of striking boudoirs " like the bower birds. If, for example, females like males with long tails, then long-tailed males have more offspring, and the longest-tailed of those offspring reproduce more.
But if that tenet is true, how do you explain all the well-adapted, complex organisms -- from orchids to bower birds to humans -- in this world?This "cost of complexity" conundrum puzzles biologists and offers ammunition to proponents of intelligent design, who hold that such intricacy could arise only through the efforts of a divine designer, not through natural selection.A new analysis by Jianzhi "George" Zhang and coworkers at the University of Michigan and Taiwan's National Health Research Institutes reveals flaws in the models from which the cost of complexity idea arose and shows that complexity can, indeed, develop through evolutionary processes.
No other being does this (although I have my suspicions about glow worms and bower birds).
* University of Maryland biologist Gail Patricelli has created "fembots" as robotic stand-ins for female bower birds. She controls the robots' movements to learn more about the birds' interaction during courtship.