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local anemia in a given body part sometimes resulting from vasoconstriction or thrombosis or embolism

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Pneumatosis and portomesenteric gas suggest advanced bowel ischemia.
The use of routine MDCT protocols of the abdomen can often reveal small bowel ischemia in patients with nonspecific symptoms or suspected SBO.
Deviation from this developmental pathway may result in a narrow mesenteric attachment, predisposing the patient to midgut volvulus and bowel ischemia or necrosis.
Other infrequent complications are intussusception, (26) portal and mesenteric vein thrombosis (27) (Figure 7), and bowel ischemia (28) (Figure 8), among others.
Findings on MDCT in cases of bowel ischemia due to venous occlusion are typically different from those due to arterial occlusion, characterized by more pronounced wall edema, mesenteric edema, and interloop free fluid.
infarction, stroke, renal failure requiring dialysis, or bowel ischemia,
In our review of the literature, there are no reported cases of bowel ischemia secondary to celiac axis ligation, although Kavic et al (10) report a case of full-thickness necrosis of the gallbladder after ligation.
1,2,13) Clinicians should keep in mind that only early consideration of the diagnosis of acute bowel ischemia and a detailed knowledge about its pathogenesis, in patients with combined nonspecific clinical, laboratory and radiological findings could improve the prognosis.
GSK will also conduct further studies to investigate the etiology of ischemic colitis and small bowel ischemia.