genu varum

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Synonyms for genu varum

a leg bowed outward at the knee (or below the knee)

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'Bowed leg is a common developmental problem that many people are not aware of can be corrected.
Lehman said the facility would accept children with such conditions as clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lip/palate, untreated burns, or hydrocephalus and other physical birth defects.
Other experts warn insufficient vitamin D in children can cause poor growth, cramps, impaired lung function and rickets, which affects bone development and can lead to bowed legs.
Therefore, the present investigation was carried out on lame puppies with bowed legs to ascertain their etiopathogenesis for adopting rational management.
The dead man's thoughts lengthen his years, straighten his bowed legs, and oil his lumbering, stumbling, strolling and skipping walkabouts.
Severe deficiency leads to rickets, when soft bones cause characteristically severely bowed legs in children.
The piano sits there so brazenly with its bare, bowed legs and Manley Pointer runs off with Hulga's wooden leg instead of her virginity.
Miss McGlade, of Riddings Road, said Sanam had bowed legs but could run around and play with her own daughter.
Moreover, the figures' outstretched arms, bowed legs, and distorted bodies harked back to well-known images of survivors and victims of war, such as Margaret Bourke-White's photographs of emaciated Jewish corpses at the end of World War II or the plaintive appeal to Huynh Cong Ut's camera by Kim Phuc after a napalm attack in South Vietnam.
buttons, rich curves, expensive turned and bowed legs.
They presented with tetany, bony deformities such as bowed legs, widening of wrists and ankles, and rachitic rosary.
Highly-strung Scooby was born after Takamoto, admiring a collection of Great Danes shown to him by a breeder, decided to completely ignore how they looked and instead gave him a hump back, bowed legs and big chin.
The Stone Age girl displayed severely bowed legs that would have limited her mobility.
Few chaps of that age are as lean as Jagger - many have flabby stomachs, hanging jowls and those strange bowed legs which seem to affect older men in the same way that the menopause brings with it osteoporosis for women.
Many parents see their toddlers bowed legs, knocked knees, or other leg and foot "abnormalities" and naturally become quite concerned.