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a spar projecting from the bow of a vessel

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overall, although a bow sprit extends the length to 135 ft.
For onboard adventures, passengers, wearing safety belts, can climb the steel masts to a crow's nest 60 feet above the deck; they may also climb out on the netting that cascades from the bow sprit.
The bow sprit on the STP65 as compared to the spinnaker pole on a TP52 receives favourable treatment by IRC and also helps to simplify the boat and reduce the number of crew required to manoeuvre it.
Andrew Short Marine Brindabella (CYCA) made its Race Week comeback in the Premier IRC division under new owner Andrew Short who has begun tweaking the 14 year-old champion Australian maxi by adding a bow sprit, and has plans for a new keel in time for the Rolex Sydney Hobart.
For the competitive sailor there is a special performance package with a bow sprit as an option.