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a spar projecting from the bow of a vessel

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overall, although a bow sprit extends the length to 135 ft.
For onboard adventures, passengers, wearing safety belts, can climb the steel masts to a crow's nest 60 feet above the deck; they may also climb out on the netting that cascades from the bow sprit. While guests do not handle the sails (as they can on the passenger-carrying windjammers), they do enjoy being part of the navigation by collecting on a raised platform with the helmsmen above the bridge and chart room.
For more offshore use the following options are available: (this hardware is removable for one design racing) a halyard lock for the fractional spinnaker halyard (so that a fractional Zero can be flown from the bow sprit), a genoa staysail halyard, a second mast head spinnaker halyard, a second tack line, and a tuffluff for jib peels.
Our bow sprit was ready to go but it held up till the finish line; we broke the headsail foil but we could manage it."
The bow sprit on the STP65 as compared to the spinnaker pole on a TP52 receives favourable treatment by IRC and also helps to simplify the boat and reduce the number of crew required to manoeuvre it.