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a loop knot that neither slips nor jams


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Scott strives to stay abreast of the latest bowhunting trends, but he never changes the four major bow lines he carries: Mathews, Mission, Hoyt and BowTech.
Then somebody shone a torch over and we spotted him in the water, he was clinging to the bow line of a boat - he was close to the pontoon.
Captain Rick Grassett, of Sarasota, uses the same solo launch method, but he splices a bungee cord into his bow line.
We do something a little different than other shops in that we only sell bows from Mathews and Mission," which is Mathews' lower price point bow line.
We're the folks who see someone else's garage - usually so clean you could perform major surgery on the workbench - and think: What must that be like, being able to, say, get a hammer without stepping over a box of "Red Letter Day" newspapers or getting tangled in the bow line of a surf raft that hasn't touched waves since pre-New Carissa days?
The cornerstone of the Prime bow line is Parallel Cam Technology, which was made even more stable for 2013 with a wider PCX version.
In our November/Whitetail Special 2010 issue, we gave notice to a new bow line, called Prime, from G5 Outdoors.
To adjust, Lynn's Dakotamoart has aggressively expanded its accessories line and slimmed down its bow line.
Its nautical history notwithstanding, the bowline knot today is pronounced "bow-lyn," not " bow line.
Rytera continues its popular Allen bow line with the new 2012 Alien XT.
THIS FALL, G5 Outdoors is introducing a high-end bow line simply called Prime[TM] ($900-$1,000).
We've run with one major bow line for a lot of years," he said.
Their bow line covers a wide range of price points while still pushing the technology envelope.