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a young person who belongs to a British or American group that shave their heads and gather at rock concerts or engage in white supremacist demonstrations

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In another photo, shavenheaded Mead stares menacingly into the camera, dressed in "bovver boy" boots, bomber jacket and swastika T-shirt.
Amid rumours that Spitting Image might be returning to our screens, Lord Tebbit has revealed that he loved his own puppet (the former Tory nightmare was depicted as a leather-clad, skinhead bovver boy).
Joining them were the toothy, slightly sinister vicar, the skinhead Bovver Boy who came from a tight-knit family - 'The old man's always tight, and mum's a nit'.
The comedy star brought a rogue's gallery of characters to the small screen from Clarence Honky Tonk to skinhead Bovver Boy and man-eating glamour puss Mandy.
"Slade, in a career lull at the time, went on to Stage Two to face a sea of hostility and indifference from a NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) crowd - but promptly won them over, taking no prisoners with their brand of bovver boy rock.
There was his tough-as-nails bovver boy and his big-toothed country vicar - whose names we were never told.
And no amount of posturing and tough talk about freedom having to be fought for from his bovver boy, the Armed Forces Minister John Reid, makes it any less of a sham.
He can be a bit of a bovver boy and likes to take you on.
THE loudmouthed, self-obsessed Bovver Boy who calls himself our Health Secretary proved without doubt last week that he shouldn't be in charge of a market stall, let alone the shambolic monolith that is the NHS.
In the 70s and early 80s it was the fans' turn, with sections of supporters using "bovver boy" tactics to terrify opposing fans.
He had the leather jacket and monkey boots that were all the rage then and looked a real bovver boy. I went round in a blue velour top from Marks and Sparks.
I HAD hoped the result of the general election might finally see the departure of Alastair Campbell and bovver boy Prescott but the former becomes the best friend of the BBC and the latter ends up in the House of Lords.
His cabinet colleague Norman Tebbit was also rather proud of his tough, leather-clad bovver boy image.
The Chingford Skinhead, the political bovver boy who loved to boot into the underdog, never retired.