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A classificacao da tribo Bovini e ainda contraditoria.
Ordem Artiodactila SubOrdem Ruminantia InfraOrdem Pecora FamiliaBovidae Tribo Bovini Genero Bos
The new Bovini remains, referred to the genus Bos, are recovered from the Sardhok Pleistocene of Northern Pakistan.
Artiodactyls, Bovini, Pleistocene, Pinjor, Siwaliks.
Key words: Vertebrates, Mammals, Bovidae, Bovini, Bison, Siwaliks.
Excessive antero-posterior compression of Bovini molars has produced median ribs of extraordinary strength.
Molecular phylogeny of the tribe Bovini (Bovidae, Bovinae) and the taxonomic status of the Kouprey, Bos sauveli Urbain 1937.
The teeth associate with Bovini in having large size anterior transverse flange hypsodonty strong entostyle/ectostylid strong
The excessive antero-posterior compression confirms the specimens of Bovini (Figs.
This is a time of important radiation in Bovini (Nanda, 1997, 2002; Masini 1989; Corvinus and Rimal, 2001; Opdyke et al.