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Synonyms for bovine

Synonyms for bovine

of or relating to or belonging to the genus Bos (cattle)


dull and slow-moving and stolid

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species=catt le), CSIRO's interactive bovine in silico SNP database (http://www.
In the present work, we focused on genome information based on Hanwoo transcripts and developed user-friendly search interfaces within the Bovine Genome Database.
Bovine genomic sequences (bosTau 4) were obtained from the UCSC genome browser (http://hgdownload.
To annotate bovine ESTs with Gene Ontology, a sequence similarity search was executed against the tentative consensus (TC) sequences of the Bos taurus Gene Index (BtGI, release 12.
GBS emerged as an important cause of neonatal infections in the 1960s; before this time, it was mainly recognized as a cause of bovine mastitis (4).
Martinez and colleagues reported in 2000 that a large sample of GBS isolated from cow's in Quebec Province in Canada could be classified into five major RAPD groups, which indicates that this sample of bovine GBS also comprised a limited number of lineages (7).
The Quebec sample is particularly useful for further investigating the relationship between bovine and human GBS because most typeable bovine isolates in the sample were serotype III.
RAPD analysis of human GBS isolates collected with the Quebec bovine isolates suggested that the serotype III bovine strains and human GBS strains were largely unrelated, although a definite conclusion was hindered by the small number of human isolates in the study.
Max Capital Management Corporation, the second largest privately owned landlord in New York, is holding a contest to determine what they will call their fiberglass bovine, which will be a part of this summer's CowParade New York 2000.
BRUSSELS - The European Union adopted a proposal yesterday to extend a ban on exports of bovine products from Portugal for a year, arguing there is still too high a risk of mad cow disease among cattle and poor supervision of slaughterhouses in the country.
The fallacy inherent in comparing bovine and human calorie consumption, he argues in the July AMBIO, is that it ignores the human tendency to "waste" valuable calories.
Although several studies of iSCNT using murine cells and bovine oocytes have been reported, the development of murine-bovine iSCNT embryos beyond the [beta]-cell stage has not been successful.
Unfortunately, until now, a few papers about iSCNT experiments using mouse somatic cells and bovine oocytes were reported (Arat et al.
In this study, we observed the developmental potential of iSCNT embryos reconstructed with murine embryonic fibroblasts and bovine oocytes.
The zona pellucida of matured oocytes was slit by a cutting pipette, and the polar body was removed with parts of the cytoplasm, possibly containing bovine nucleus, by squeezing the oocyte.