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surgery performed with electrical devices (as in electrocautery)

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has closed the acquisition of the electrosurgical business and related intellectual property from medical equipment provider Bovie Medical Corp.
"The divestiture and sale of our Core business segment to Symmetry is a major strategic transaction for Bovie," said Charlie Goodwin, Bovie CEO.
Effective March 2017, Bovie Medical's PlazXact Ablator will be marketed as the UltrAblator Bipolar series .
(24.) All these terms can be found in the English translations commonly found in college libraries: Nixon's Plautus Loebs (5 vols.), De Melo's new Plautus Loebs (5 vols.), Barsby's Terence Loebs (2 vols.), Richlin's Rome and the Mysterious Orient (2005), Watling's Plautus (2004, 2007), Segal's Four Comedies (2008), Berg and Parker's Plautus and Terence (1999), Christenson's Plautus (2008), Slavitt and Bovie's Complete Roman Drama in Translation (1992, 1995), Radice's Terence (1965, reprinted unrevised in 2004), and John Henderson's Asinaria (2006).
(DeAngelis) of Worcester, MA; grandfather, Rudolph Hoffner of Manchester, CT, as well as, grandparents, Patsy and Rose (Bovie) DeAngelis of Boston, MA.
"Acquiring Quick William," explains Bovie President David Gintzler, "will make it possible for Bovie to expand more rapidly within the local commercial space and gives the company a much needed backup in certain digital equipment and graphic skills." In addition to equipment, Bovie will gain complete access to a very specialized skill set in the rapidly growing arena of vehicle wrapping..
It was then taken out to the pelvic sidewall and, using a Bovie electrocautery device, the vagina was then transected laterally to the vaginal sidewall on either angle giving a wide margin around the suburethral mass.
Veterano de guerra, ganador del premio Pulitzer (por la biografia que realizo sobre William Osler), pionero en el uso del electrocauterio (creado por Bovie), incluso hasta desarrollador de algunos conceptos de anestesia.
Hemostasis was easily maintained with the use of dilute epinephrine irrigation fluid and needle-tip Bovie electrocautery.
= 2.5 cm), such as in nulliparous or menopausal women, a superficial 2- to 3-cm longitudinal incision is performed with bovie cautery in the midline and distal portion of the posterior vaginal wall.
We used a multifocal model of ischemia for cerebral emboli (12-15) with some modifications described as follows: the common carotid arteries (CCA), internal carotid artery (ICA) and external carotid artery (ECA) were exposed; blood flow was temporarily suspended and the posterior occipital branches, the ascending larynx and superior thyroid branches were cauterized by ACE (Electrocautery Bovie Aaron Medical, HIT1 USA), and distally attached (polypropylene 6/0 Prolene [R], USA) creating a trunnion through which a vascular catheter was introduced (ETFE-NIPRO-24G) loaded with 4 [micro]l (40 NIH/U) of a bovine thrombin ([alfa]-tb HTI Lab, BCT1020), advancing it to the ACM.
Three of the arms are for tools that hold objects, act as a scalpel, scissors, bovie, or unipolar or bipolar electrocautery instruments.
* Using electrosurgical Bovie devices in an oxygen-rich environment
In 1926, working with the physicist William Bovie, he used a high frequency electric current to remove a highly vascular meningioma - a previous attempt at removal had failed because of severe bleeding - and the electric diathermy machine, still often called 'The Bovie' in the USA, came into general use.