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They analyzed 35 different families, such as Bovidae (bison, sheep, antelopes); Cricetidae (rats, mice, hamsters, voles); Equidae (horses, donkeys); Ursidae (bears); Mammutidae (mammoths); and Leporidae (rabbits and hares).
Sheep is of an economic importance because of its good productive and reproductive characters and merits, over the members of family Bovidae, like low flock expense, multipurpose of production (milk, meat, leather and wool), efficient grazer in arid and semi-desert, efficient use of agricultural bi-products, can be raised on low quality fodders, low labor cost, high reproductive efficiency and low cost of production and housing [1].
You may have wanted a scarf spun from finest banker's bonus but you have a remote control bovidae.
5) found that sexual dimorphism is especially pronounced within the Bovidae and Cervidae families, both of which exhibit male-male competitive interactions.
Table 1: Wildlife species population structure in study location of Kwale Forest Reserve CLASS ORDER FAMILY COMMON NAME ORDER MAMMALIA Carnivora Viverridae March mongoose African Civet Felidae Forest Gene Mustelidae Palm civet Serval Leopard Cape Clawless Otter Carnivora Carnidae Fox Mustelidae Spotted necked otter Warthog Artiodactyla Red River--hog Suidae Hippopotamu Hippopotamus Bovidae African buffalo Sitatunga Blue duker Kob, Bushbuck Primate Galagidae Dwarf Galago Cercopithedidae Mona monkey Pata monkey White-nose monkey Rodentia Sciuridae Redless Tree- Squirrle Giant forest- Cricetidae Squirrel Gambian Giant-rat.
To settle campfire debates, the pronghorn is neither an antelope nor a goat, but its own kind of cloven-hoofed ungulate of the sub-family Pecora, family Bovidae.
The gayal belongs to the family Bovidae, tribe Bovini, group Bovina, genus Bos and species Bos frontalis.
Oryx bacilli have been isolated from members of the Bovidae family, i.
The inclusions and exclusions among the family Bovidae can be considered in this context.