Bouvier des Flandres

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rough-coated breed used originally in Belgium for herding and guarding cattle

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His legal battle with Bouvier has roped in a quiet and respected middleman, the publicly traded, luxury auctioneer Sotheby's of New York.
Antoine Bouvier said: "This is an emotional departure for me and I want to thank all the teams in each of our domestic countries who have, through their work and commitment, enabled us to turn this group into a model of European cooperation and integration.
At MBDA, Antoine Bouvier will be succeeded as CEO by Eric Beranger, who has held a number of leadership positions in Airbus Defence and Space.
For two decades Leslie Ann Bouvier, DMD, has been serving the general and cosmetic dentistry needs of patients in the Portsmouth, Dover, Somersworth and Berwick, N.H., communities.
Bouvier indicated that the meeting will be crowned by a declaration signed by the various stakeholders, focusing on issues related to security, freedom, threats and killings of journalists.
Alerted to this potential fraud, Petitioners initiated or joined foreign proceedings against Bouvier in Monaco, France, and Singapore.
While Beauty Packaging frequently covers L'Oreal's ongoing packaging achievements, on this seventh anniversary of their Beauty Packaging title, I got in touch with Pierre-Gilles Bouvier, Global Director of Packaging Innovation, and Philippe Bonningue, Global Director of Sustainable Packaging & Development (and a member of Beauty Packaging's Board of Advisors)--to check in on some of the company's latest feats.
The currently known species are Epiperipatus isthmicola (Bouvier 1902a); Epiperipatus biolleyi (Bouvier 1902b); Peripatus ruber Fuhrmann (1913); Macroperipatus valerioi Morera-Brenes & Leon (1986); Epiperipatus hilkae Morera-Brenes & Monge-Najera (1990); Peripatus solorzanoi Morera-Brenes & Monge-Najera (2010) and Principapillatus hitoyensis Oliveira, et al.
Bouvier recommended waitingAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA for law enforcement to secure the s and said medics should notAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA draw attention to themselves if ther an active shooter on the scene.
1953: Senator John Kennedy (pictured) - later to be president - married Jacqueline Bouvier in Newport, Rhode Island.
Michael, 23, the owner of a black Bouvier des Flandres, was horrified to see the expletive scratched into the bonnet of his Ford.
By what name was Jacqueline Lee Bouvier better known?