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Synonyms for bout

Synonyms for bout

a limited, often assigned period of activity, duty, or opportunity

an often prolonged period, as of illness


Synonyms for bout

(sports) a division during which one team is on the offensive

a period of illness

a contest or fight (especially between boxers or wrestlers)

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an occasion for excessive eating or drinking

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After losing a lightweight title bout to Allerton's Chris Fishgold at CW88, Jacobsen will look to return to the ECHO Arena and get back to winning ways.
Thipe proved that his win against Molalapata, a month ago was not a fluke, ensuring a second lightning on his opponent, teaching the decorated boxer some boxing lessons during their bout.
The first bout of the night was between Satnam Singh from the Maratha Yoddhas and Zoengmawia from the North East Tigers in the Feather Weight category.
After my bouts' success, my promoters are exploring possibilities for my first pro bout in India.
2001: M Ryder (Gus Robinson) 30kg no bouts; L Clary (South Shields) 35kg 2 bouts 1 win; S McAuley (Bishop Auckland) 35kg 11 bouts won 8; E Stonehouse (Spennymoor) 39kg 8 bouts won 4; J Lepoidevin (Aycliffe) 45kg 10 bouts won 8; O Watson (Dunston) 53kg 3 bouts won 3.
07 m), healthy and non-active men, to two bouts of upper limb damaging exercise.
of human gait that are necessary for optimal performance in the gait of daily living, and a simple description of the length of walking bouts in the gait of daily living has not yet been reported.
The authors of this study compared a single 60-minute bout to two 30-minute bouts of identical intensity exercise and studied the effects on fat metabolism.
Calabasas' Cameron Teitelman (125) and Rio Mesa of Oxnard's Michael Lemos (189) also reached Southern Division title bouts.
With active recovery, the total amount of oxygen consumed during the last three cycling work bouts was 23% and 19% greater than with passive and stretching, respectively.
This study investigated the physiological responses of female fire fighters to two 23-minute bouts of work in a 40[degrees]C (105[degrees]F) environment at an intensity of 50% of their maximal working capacity (V[O.
Many women have bouts of the sores only during certain phases of their menstrual cycles.
The subjects were paired by sex and asked to perform two maximal sprint bouts, one in Lane 3 and one in Lane 4 of a regulation size 400-meter track.
However, repeated or unusually long bouts of this disorder may indeed exert a lasting impact, contends a research team headed by psychologist M.
The greatly anticipated event will include a number of under-card bouts followed by the main event, all taking place at Casino Del Sol's 5,000 seat AVA Amphitheater.