Bouteloua gracilis

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a pasture grass of western North America

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Demography of Bouteloua gracilis in a mixed prairie: analysis of genets and individuals.
entre las cuales Bouteloua gracilis es la mas comun, ademas de Aristida spp.
The mosaic system is a mixture of short-grass prairie on the more xeric, upland or south facing slopes and can be dominated by Bouteloua gracilis, Bouteloua hirsuta, Andropogon scoparius, Carex filifolia, and Buchloe dactyloides (Kaul and Rolfsmeier 1993).
The basal cover of Bouteloua gracilis in 50-yr-old Colorado fields was always significantly lower than in adjacent undisturbed prairie (Coffin et al.
2] on Bouteloua gracilis (Ca) and Pascopyrum smithii ([C.
The most-frequently recorded species across all community types were Achnatherum hymenoides, Guttierrezia sarothrae, and Bouteloua gracilis (Appendix).
The indigenous plant community was dominated by Bouteloua gracilis, a warm-season, perennial grass, and Pascopyrum smithii, a cool-season, perennial grass.
Net photosynthesis, root respiration, and regrowth of Bouteloua gracilis following simulated grazing.
Net photosynthesis, root respiration and regrowth of Bouteloua gracilis following simulated grazing.
The shortgrass steppe of northern Colorado follows this pattern, with between 20 and 40% plant basal cover, most of which ([approximately equal to]90%) is made up by the perennial bunchgrass Bouteloua gracilis (H.
Lack of precipitation contributes to an ecosystem dominated by warm-season grasses; specifically, Bouteloua gracilis (blue grama) and Bouteloua dactyloides (buffalo grass; Lauenroth, 2008).
Seedling establishment in adult neighborhoods: intraspecific constraints in the regeneration of the bunchgrass Bouteloua gracilis.
Also important are the succulents and semi-succulents Agave lecheguilla, and Opuntia phaeacantha, and considerable grass cover of Bouteloua gracilis and Bouteloua curtipendula.