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entre las cuales Bouteloua gracilis es la mas comun, ademas de Aristida spp.
The Bouteloua gracilis community at the Central Plains site also showed higher concentrations of [N.
The experiment described here was initiated to determine whether or not negative density dependence of demographic parameters could be detected in a natural population of a small perennial bunchgrass, Bouteloua rigidiseta, hereafter Bouteloua, and if so, which demographic parameters were affected.
Grazed plots were characterized by Bouteloua gracilis, while nongrazed plots were characterized by Equisetum laevigatum and Kochia scoparia (Table 1).
Laughlin (2003) found that the length and stiffness of animal hair was important for the adherence of Bouteloua curtipendula diaspores, while long haired animals like bison and elk (Cerous canadensis Erxleben) best retained the diaspores.
4] grasses including Bouteloua curtipendula, Schizachyrium scoparium (little bluestem), and Panicum obtusum (vine mesquite).
The families with most genera and species are Asteraceae (48/76), Poaceae (29/46), Fabaceae (13/19) and Cactaceae (6/19), while the richest genera are Opuntia (10), Euphorbia (9), Solanum (7), Pseudognaphalium (6), Bouteloua (6), Ipomoea (6) and Muhlenbergia (6).
4] bunchgrass, Bouteloua gracilis, with a mix of other grasses, forbs, and shrubs, and a significant amount of bare ground between individual plants.
In desert grasslands grazing reduced the cover of perennial grasses, particularly the dominant Bouteloua eriopoda, but the cover of forbs and shrubs did not differ between treatments.
The dendrogram showed a group of species in open woodlands, with a dominance of blue grama Bouteloua gracilis, poverty three-awn Aristida divaricata, and blue dalea Dalea bicolor.
Water relations of Andropogon smithii and Bouteloua gracilis and community evapotranspiration following long-term grazing by prairie dogs.
Bouteloua, Cynodon, Sporobolus) and turfgrass (Buchloe, Cynodon, Zoysia) genera are found in the Chloridoideae, yet little is known about salinity tolerance mechanisms operating in this subfamily.
In contrast, Eleodes beetles feed upon a broad range of plant material and detritus (Allsopp 1980, Crawford 1981), and the grasshoppers feed primarily on Bouteloua gracilis (Pfadt and Lavigne 1982), the dominant grass in this system.
Maximum height, basal diameter (root collar at ground surface or grass clump in the case of Bouteloua ramosa), and maximum canopy diameter were measured for five species during May 2000.
Seedling establishment in adult neighborhoods - intraspecific constraints In the regeneration of the bunchgrass Bouteloua gracilis.