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The Bouser court then turned to the legislature's intent in formulating the moderdn second-degree murder statute, which includes the felony murder provision.
"There is, indeed, supposed to be such a thing as separation of church and state in this great nation of ours, no matter what the Christian Right would try to get you to believe to the contrary," Bouser wrote.
The Manhattan office market is "hotter than a pistol," says Carmen Bouser, managing director of New York-based Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA), a pension and financial services firm and office lender.
"It was a hell of a story," Steve Bouser, the newspaper's editor is quoted as saying.
Post editor Steve Bouser said he was appalled at the column -- not so much for its opinion, he says, but its insuking tone and its several factual and stylistic errors.
The firefighters battled the flames through the night and a water bouser was brought out to keep a steady supply of water.
Managers operations FWMC, Dawood Makki and Mohammad Ijaz explained that before Eidul Azha cleanliness arrangements have also been done for animal markets and 70 waste workers, 10 waste supervisors have been deputed in addition to placing 10 waste containers and 1 water bouser there whereas 50 metric tons waste is being lifted daily from the animal markets.
According to the initial report, the FIA official said, around 250 bousers were found involved in the oil theft.