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a long hooded cloak woven of wool in one piece

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The mayor of Rafina, Vangelis Bournous, said he thought 100 homes have been burned down.
Twenty six charred bodies were found in Argyra Akti, Mati shores, close to Nea Makri, Rafina-Pikermi, Mayor of Evangelos Bournous said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Tuesday.
Yiannis Bournous, Syriza's head of European policy, international relations and foreign policy, told Today's Zaman by phone that the Syriza website is functioning perfectly elsewhere around the world and visitors can access it easily.
Yiannis Bournous, head of European policy for the party, was even more explicit in an interview with London's The Guardian, saying Germany was ''daring the other side to push the button'' without being prepared to trigger the nuclear option of denying Greece upcoming bailout payments.
Around 26 charred bodies have been found in Argyra Akti, Mati, close to Nea Makri," Rafina-Pikermi Mayor Evangelos Bournous said.
The wind changed and it came at us with such force that it razed the coastal area in minutes," said Evangelos Bournous, mayor of the port town of Rafina, a sleepy mainland port that serves Greek holiday islands.
SYRZIA REPRESENTATIVE ATTEND HDP RALLY: As a representative of Radical Leftist Coalition (Syriza) Party Yiannis Bournous, Member of the Central Commitee and General Chairman of Foreign Relations will attend the People's Democracy Party (HDP) meeting which is scheduled to hold in southwestern Turkish province of yzmir.