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Teschke writes, "As a rule, state officers accumulated private wealth in pre-revolutionary France through privately owned public offices." (173) Specialists are aware that members of the nobility and bourgeosie usually made most of their wealth from landholdings, not offices.
Over a period of three weeks every summer, the 600-odd members of the club, most of them expensive ornaments of the American haute bourgeosie, invite an equal number of similarly fortunate guests to spend as many days as their corporate calendars permit within a grove of handsome redwood trees, there to listen to the birdsong, interest one another in various business opportunities, exchange misgivings about the restlessness of the deutschmark and the yen.
Though clearly tinged by Marxism and in defiance against the military dictatorship ruling his homeland, Birri claims that the cinema of the Latin American global region and its independent nations must resist emulating the dominant social system, which results in "a bourgeosie superstructure, semi-colonial and underdeveloped" (88).
Crossick and Haupt tend to argue that much of their everyday experience remained closer to working class lives than to the bourgeosie (chapter 8).