Bourbon dynasty

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a European royal line that ruled in France (from 1589-1793) and Spain and Naples and Sicily

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By the eighteenth century, the centralizing policies of the Bourbon dynasty led the "Father King" to expand his patriarchal authority over private families in order to impose a "new politics of the child" for all races and social classes in late-colonial Lima.
In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the top minds of the Bourbon dynasty knew they could not exploit something if they did not know where it was.
This wonderful art flourished for three centuries, thanks to the skills of the finest craftsmen in Europe, and in time other workshops were founded at the court of Rudolf II in Prague and also at the court of Louis XIV in France, before spreading to Naples and Madrid during the Bourbon dynasty.
The immediate backdrop is Bourbon France, but since Amelot's works featured Roman, French, Italian, and Spanish authors and were published in France, the Netherlands, and Germany, Soll's study is as much about the social production of knowledge in Western Europe as it is a case-study of a French printer under the centralizing Bourbon dynasty.
The findings prove the boy was the last member of direct line of the Bourbon dynasty and should put a stop to the dozens of pretenders who have made false claims to the French throne over the past 205 years.
The reappearance of the Bourbon dynasty on the European stage owed less to respect for its dynastic rights than to its commitment to France's traditional frontiers.
also known as Henry of Navarre and Henry the Great, 1553 - 1610) King of France (1589 - 1610), the first of the Bourbon dynasty.
However, in their absence they are like the Bourbon dynasty in France, they seem to have forgotten nothing and learned nothing.
Having cut to the seventeenth century, Jonas explores Marguerite-Marie's attempt to rally the Bourbon dynasty to propagation of the Sacred Heart devotion and the dramatic recourse--this, in early eighteenth century--to Sacred Heart imagery for protection against the plague at Marseilles.