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Synonyms for bouquet

Synonyms for bouquet

cut flowers that have been arranged in a usually small bunch


a sweet or pleasant odor

Synonyms for bouquet

an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

a pleasingly sweet olfactory property

References in classic literature ?
The heroine of the bouquet kept her word; she gave Albert no sign of her existence the morrow or the day after.
"I remember, signora," said Giovanni, "that you once promised to reward me with one of these living gems for the bouquet which I had the happy boldness to fling to your feet.
True, there were ugly recollections connected with his first glimpses of the beautiful girl; he could not quite forget the bouquet that withered in her grasp, and the insect that perished amid the sunny air, by no ostensible agency save the fragrance of her breath.
With that thought he turned his eyes on the bouquet, which he had never once laid aside from his hand.
On the occasion of the New Year, other bouquets made of lily, pink roses, anthurium, emerald fillers also delight your near and dear on New Year.
Over the years wedding styles have changed and been re-created time after time; so too have wedding bouquets. The choice of flowers and colours available for a wedding is amazing, but over the last few centuries the flower that has topped the list of HONE Want to develop and floristry many brides is, of course, the rose.
The proud mums, pictured with their bouquets and their children are from left to right, Karen Crossley with daughter Kim, Mary Shackleton and son Jason and Dorothy Horne with daughter Melanie.
Paula Pryke; Sarah Cuttle photographer; WREATHS & BOUQUETS; Rizzoli (Crafts and Hobbies) $35.00 ISBN: 9780847830862
With flowers top-of-mind, there's no better time to start planning bouquets and arrangements for weddings and pre-wedding parties.
The popularity of house plants over bouquets led flowers and gardening mail order firm Flying Brands to warn of lower than expected profits.
As in the past, Central Market Florists' over 200 certified designers will create custom bouquets and arrangements for a range of tastes and budgets.
Initial chapters discuss bouquet design, classic flowers in bouquets, garden tips for growing and harvesting, creating bouquets, and bouquets for special occasions.
Asda at the MetroCentre has kindly donated three bouquets of flowers for our well-deserving mums.
"It is the ultimate grand gesture - 100 exquisite long-stemmed red roses tightly hand-tied to create a stunningly intense, opulent display." We found that the Irish market was demanding bigger and more expensive bouquets as the fascination with the celebrity lifestyle grows and they have more money to spend.
Seen one too many chaotic spring-mix bouquets lately?