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(mathematics) a condition specified for the solution to a set of differential equations

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If k = 0 we get two-point boundary value problem. Thus two-point boundary value problem is a particular case of (1.1)-(1.2).
We are interested here in convex and convex-concave solutions of the boundary value problem [P.sub.[lambda](a, b)].
Bai, "Eigenvalue intervals for a class of fractional boundary value problem," Computers & Mathematics with Applications, vol.
For the first form of the finite difference filter, we apply the central finite differences to obtain a discretization of the nonlinear fourth-order boundary value problem. For larger N, discard y [member of] VN for which the residual is large, i.e., if,
Korkmaz, "Analysis of fractional partial differential equations by Taylor series expansion," Boundary Value Problems, vol.
As an example of solving boundary value problems using RBFN, learned by TRM, consider the boundary value problem for the two-dimensional Poisson equation, described in [8]
The outcomes in this paper concern both the analytical results and numerical solutions study of first-order nonlocal singularly perturbed boundary value problem. We construct uniformly convergent difference scheme on a piecewise equidistant mesh for the problem (1.1)-(1.2).
by deriving Lyapunov type inequality and disconjugacy criterion for the following associated homogenous boundary value problem
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Exact solution of the boundary value problem of bending bandpass shallow shell, which is supported by intermediate thin semi-infinite rib, type Winkler foundation was obtained in [12]; and supported by intermediate thin semi-infinite rigid support, was obtained in [13].
Dibeh and G.Xie Modified Adomian Decomposition Method for solving Higher- order singular boundary value problem" Appl.
The boundary value problem (1)-(3) with m = 0,1,2 and [alpha] = 0 arise in the study of various tumor growth problems, see[12-13], with linear f (x, y) and with nonlinear f (x, y) of the form
In this paper, we show the existence of at least three weak solutions for the Navier boundary value problem