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the layer of slower flow of a fluid past a surface

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The aim of this study is to investigate, the effect of physical parameters on boundary layer flow of nanofluids over a flat plate.
In the present paper, the two-dimensional steadystate boundary layer flow of nanofluids over an impermeable semi-infinite moving flat horizontal plate embedded in the water-based nanofluid is studied.
Consider the steady laminar free convective boundary layer flow of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid from a semi-infinite vertical wavy surface.
The structure of the turbulent pressure field in boundary layer flows.
Here it is suitable also to mention that systematic investigations of the oscillatory boundary layer flow around the breaking point have been performed and therefore the basis for boundary layer calculations is taken from [6].
Hence, we are trying to solve the problem of the boundary layer flow past a stretching plate with heat transfer numerically.
simulation methods, hydraulics and hydrodynamics, fluid structure interaction, convection, heat, mass transfer, boundary layer flow, multiphase flow, non-Newtonian fluids, wave studies, industrial applications, turbulence flows, biofluids and permeability problems.
Intended as a reference for senior engineers and researchers concerned with the drag reduction and the dynamics of turbulent boundary layer flows, Boundary Layer Flow over Elastic Surfaces provides a unique source of information on compliant surface drag reduction and the experimental techniques around it that have shown measurable and repeatable improvements over recent years.
The problem of mixed convection heat and mass transfer in the boundary layer flow along a vertical surface submerged in a micropolar fluid has been studied by a number of investigators [3-7].
Bradshaw and Ferriss (1965) is a relaxing boundary layer flow whereby an initial equilibrium boundary layer is subjected to sudden removal of the pressure gradient.
Tiwari and Kamal Singh [1] have obtained solution for an asymptotic analysis of an unsteady hydromagnetic boundary layer flow generated impulsively incompressible viscous conducting fluid with uniform distribution of dust particle bounded by semi-infinite plate.
The jet from the nose first moves downwards and then upwards because of temperature difference and boundary layer flow around the target manikin.
Due to application of boundary layer flow past a stretched surface or moving surface in many processing process such as metal extrusion, glass fibre production, continuous casting, hot rolling, manufacturing of plastic or rubber sheets and crystal growing, a number of scholars as Altan et al.
In view of the importance of these above mentioned effects, Dursunkaya and Worek [7] studied diffusion-thermo and thermal-diffusion effects in transient and steady natural convection from a vertical surface whereas Kafoussias and Williams [8] studied the same effects on mixed free-forced convective and mass transfer boundary layer flow with temperature dependent viscosity.
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