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the layer of slower flow of a fluid past a surface

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Aziz, "Double diffusive natural convection boundary layer flow in a porous medium saturated with a nanofluid over a vertical plate, prescribed surface heat, solute and nanofluid fluxes," International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol.
Generally, for H > 2.6, the boundary layer flow separation on the surface should be expected.
Great interest is given to analytical studies of similarity solutions because of their applications in different fields, for example, in magnetohydrodynamic (see [11-13]) or in boundary layer flows (see [8,14]).
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Solution of a laminar boundary layer flow via a numerical method.
[11] have investigated the boundary layer flow and heat transfer in an incompressible viscous electrically conducting fluid that is caused by impulsive stretching of the surface and used a well-developed homotopy analysis method.
This implies that, at the surface (y = A[(x + b).sup.(1-m)/2]), the boundary condition suitable to scale the boundary layer flow is [eta] = [chi].
Recently, Sajjad[16] considered MHD forced convective boundary layer flow of micropolar fluids past a shrinking porous sheet prescribed with variable heat flux and heat source.
MHD boundary layer flow and heat transfer over an exponentially stretching sheet embedded in a thermally stratified medium, Alex.
Ahmad and Khan [11] investigated boundary layer flow past a stretching plate with suction, heat and mass transfer, and variable conductivity.
The problem of steady flow and heat transfer of free convection boundary layer flow in the stagnation-point region in the presence of nanoparticles is studied analytically.
The problem of unsteady boundary layer flow due to an impulsively stretching surface in a viscous fluid has been considered by a number of researchers.
Siddiki, "Numerical approach on parameters of the thermal radiation interaction with convection in boundary layer flow at a vertical plate with variable suction," Thammasat International Journal of Science and Technology, vol.
"The computational domain was then discretised using trimmed hexahedral cells in the volume, with a prismatic boundary layer mesh near the surface to capture the boundary layer flow. The body-fitted boundary layer mesh had four prismatic cells, with 10 layers of cells used on the hub cover to accurately resolve the thick boundary layer on this surface.
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