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the layer of slower flow of a fluid past a surface

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Natural convection boundary layer flow over a heated plate with arbitrary inclination, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 219: 571-584.
Recently, Sajjad[16] considered MHD forced convective boundary layer flow of micropolar fluids past a shrinking porous sheet prescribed with variable heat flux and heat source.
The aim of this study is to investigate, the effect of physical parameters on boundary layer flow of nanofluids over a flat plate.
Ibrahim and Makinde [28] investigated radiation effect on chemically reactive MHD boundary layer flow of heat and mass transfer past a porous vertical flat plate.
The aim of the present paper is to investigate the effects of variable viscosity or temperature dependent viscosity, magnetic field, radiation and heat generation/absorption on mixed convection boundary layer flow over a vertical surface embedded in a porous medium.
Hossain and Pop [12] investigated the magnetohydrodynamic boundary layer flow and heat transfer from a continuous moving wavy surface.
The turbulent flow is modeled with a standard k-[epsilon] model and "enhanced wall function," which is considered to be more accurate for predicting turbulent boundary layer flow.
18] studied the effects of radiation on hydromagnetic forced convective boundary layer flow of an incompressible Newtonian, electrically-conducting fluid over a non-isothermal wedge in the presence of a heat source or sink.
The S-A model has the characteristics of easy and quick convergence and better results can be achieved when calculating the pressure gradient boundary layer flow.
CFD simulations of atmospheric boundary layer flow over a numerical roughness fetch (e.
One of the most interesting problems, associated with the modelling of oscillatory flows, is the description of the boundary layer flow field and shear stress during the wave period.
Crane (1970) investigated boundary layer flow past a stretching sheet whose velocity is proportional to the distance from the slit.
In view of the importance of these above mentioned effects, Dursunkaya and Worek [7] studied diffusion-thermo and thermal-diffusion effects in transient and steady natural convection from a vertical surface whereas Kafoussias and Williams [8] studied the same effects on mixed free-forced convective and mass transfer boundary layer flow with temperature dependent viscosity.
simulation methods, hydraulics and hydrodynamics, fluid structure interaction, convection, heat, mass transfer, boundary layer flow, multiphase flow, non-Newtonian fluids, wave studies, industrial applications, turbulence flows, biofluids and permeability problems.
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