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(mathematics) a condition specified for the solution to a set of differential equations

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The boundary conditions (8) correspond to the conditions under which the middle part [x.sub.1] = l of the boundary is rigidly fixed, and its lateral sections are free of stresses.They mimic the work conditions of a single-bearing construction.
Least mode frequencies are observed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th modes for F-F-F-F ( four side free), S-S-S-S (four sides simply supported) and C-F-F-F (Cantilever) boundary conditions and the highest natural frequency is observed for C-C-C-C (four sides clamped) boundary condition.
By investigating the theoretical model and experimental data with two boundary conditions, the following conclusions are made:
Caption: Figure 4: Sensitivity of the (a) [alpha]- and (b) [gamma]-graphyne-based resonators with different attached masses for L = 10 nm and u = v = L/2 and different boundary conditions.
The nonwoven fabric is stuck to the permeable plate to prevent excessive soil particles from entering the sink and affecting the control of the hydraulic boundary conditions.
Khan, "Positive solutions to singular system with four-point coupled boundary conditions," Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, vol.
This model of partial differential equation and its initial and boundary conditions comes from pollution distribution on a street tunnel, where the wind flows steadily only in the x and y directions.
It is difficult to interpolate a river channel, because it has unknown functions of initial conditions and boundary conditions. The interpolation of field data uses (15) for interpolating (6).
The resistance in the evaporation process is usually small and can be ignored, while for the condensation process, the modified Nusselt model is widely adopted which is now deemed as sophisticated, and when it comes to vapor and liquid flow, the vapor phase is usually simplified as a system with uniform temperature and pressure, and the interior boundary condition of the liquid flow can be set based on such hypothesis.
[19] Tingting Qi, Yansheng Liu, and Yujun Cui, "Existence of Solutions for a Class of Coupled Fractional Differential Systems with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions," Journal of Function Spaces, vol.
However, these new boundary conditions must be carefully constructed, because they can perturb essentially the solution of the initial value problem.
The main reason for this is the lack of support for boundary conditions or the inefficiency of computing them.
Widely used mesh-based numerical methods such as finite element, finite difference, and finite volume methods, introduce a finite number of nodes to specify boundary conditions and perform numerical computations, and use spatial grids to approximate the geometric shape of a model.
Tornabene and Viola [1-3] studied the free vibration of the moderately thick four-parameter functionally graded conical, cylindrical shells and annular plates under some classical boundary conditions by means of the generalized differential quadrature method on the basis of the first-order shear deformation theory.
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