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(mathematics) a condition specified for the solution to a set of differential equations

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applying boundary conditions in beam model at one point,
For convenience, a four-letter notation is used to describe the boundary conditions of the edges (see Figure 5).
The original idea of the solution structure method [8] is to express the solution of two-dimensional boundary value problem with homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions
These functions satisfy homogeneous Neumann-type boundary conditions on the strip's sides.
Behrndt, Elliptic boundary value problems with lambda-dependent boundary conditions, J.
Hence boundary conditions mentioned under scenario 3 were selected for further simulation.
For the cases of CST and CHF boundary conditions a mesh size with grid number of 29600 was chosen.
For t > 0, homogenous boundary conditions of first or second kind are applied to the angular surfaces of [theta] = 0 and [theta] = [psi] and azimuthal surfaces of [phi] = 0 and [phi] = [omega].
Keywords: Schrodinger equation, time-splitting Chebyshev-spectral method, zero far-field boundary conditions, semiclassical limit.
Imposing boundary conditions usually limits the possible solutions to a discrete set of standing waves identified with normal modes of vibration.
Actually shallow water flow problems have boundary exists, which belongs to mixed initial boundary value problem, so we must give early boundary conditions when we solving it.
In Section 4, we present numerical results obtained for 2D scattering problems with anisotropic materials such as Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) boundary conditions.
The articles cover methods to solve wave equations numerically, accuracy and efficiency, boundary conditions, and modeling studies.
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