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Synonyms for bouncer

a person whose duty is to throw troublemakers out of a bar or public meeting


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Bouncer laughed and coughed, and shut his eyes because of the cabbage smoke .
Bouncer would not confess that he had admitted anybody into the rabbit hole.
"My Uncle Bouncer has displayed a lamentable want of discretion for his years;" said Peter reflectively, "but there are two hopeful circumstances.
Bouncer had passed a sleepless night, and quarrelled again at breakfast.
Bouncer, very sulky, was huddled up in a corner, barricaded with a chair.
Bouncer's relief and Flopsy's joy when Peter and Benjamin arrived in triumph with the young family.
Bouncer. He was rather upon his dignity; but he accepted.
Shocked club owner Iftekhar Harris, who has six nightspots in the city, cut ties with the bouncers within hours of watching the programme.
THEY can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on the circumstances - but you'd do well to get bouncers onside.
Except that at 2.10am on October 20, Boukheir and a male friend were physically abused and humiliated by the bouncers and management at a beachside bar at a popular five-star hotel in Dubai Marina.
We are looking at the bouncers but he also seems to have been busy with the ladies - so that is another line of inquiry."
Bouncers, former soldiers and ex-police officers are being hired to cover lessons by schools looking for "crowd control".
Our bouncers managed to hold the door for 25 minutes, but I told them to stand down in the end.
Two night club bouncers were arrested and charged with assault early Saturday after witnesses, including a police officer who happened to be passing by, said they saw them striking a handcuffed man in front of the business on Thursday.
In the case, the court ruled that bouncers at a bar who anticipated an assault did not attempt to keep the parties separated, resulting in the injury of a patron and liability for the bar.