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French composer of serial music (born in 1925)

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"Pierre Boulez made French music shine throughout the world," French President Francois Hollande said yesterday in a statement.
Campbell contributes greatly to Boulez scholarship by examining the composer's early influences and acquaintances, including his friendship with Pierre Souvtchinsky, an authority on Russian music and passionate student of philosophy whom Jacques Derrida described as "a philosophical amateur, in the best sense of the term" (cited by Campbell, p.
The most notable one, a joint IRCAM and Radio France concert under the direction of Pierre Boulez, took place on 10 June 1981.
The relatively upfront recording on the Rattle CD, as opposed to the Boulez recording's more distant perspective might have more that a bit to do with that than anything.
and played back through loudspeakers in dialogue with the clarinettist on stage" (Boulez 1985).
The Chicago Symphony Orchestra's best playing in recent years has often come under the leadership of Pierre Boulez, the unlikely marriage between the lucid, coolly analytical French conductor-composer and the roiling power and sonorous heft of this most German of American orchestras striking sparks in the intriguing musical programs devised by Boulez.
Like Boulez's revisions of his 'works in progress', Griffiths's new text is considerably longer than the original, and he has interpolated many - appropriately Boulezian - parenthetical paragraphs like tropes commenting on, expanding or problematizing the original.
SINGER Joni Mitchell has shared the Nobel Prize for music, - known as the Polar - with French composer Pierre Boulez.
I thoroughly enjoyed and marveled at the PBS screenings of Bayreuth production of the Ring by Boulez and Chereau, with all its high-tech imagery-hydroelectric dams on the Rhine, Nibelung ironworks, Wotan in a frock coat-but I much prefer the Met's orthodox picture-book approach, with Rhinemaidens who sway in the water like kelp, and horde of Nibelungen that young children could have nightmares about.
Classical Thomas Various Orchestras / Dodge / Boulez / Knussen THIS is a survey of works from 1995-2013 by the New York-born composer Augusta Read Thomas, who will be 50 this year.
Schick is developing a fascinating idea for the program, which has some early pieces that show the heavy influence of not only Satie but also Debussy on Cage, along with Music for --, Atlas Eclipticalis, and more, which will be interleaved with Pierre Boulez's Le marteau sans maitre.
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