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Synonyms for boulder

a large smooth mass of rock detached from its place of origin

a town in north central Colorado

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As a result, it was originally called the Elk River darter, but this changed when it was discovered that the species spends its entire life in close proximity to boulders on the river bottom.
For a real visit to the desert, head for the Boulders, due north of Phoenix in the aptly named town of Carefree.
Because they make easy targets for any other fragment that might strike the asteroid, the boulders won't stay intact long and therefore must be young.
Two years ago, Carver said, geologists assured her that the remaining boulders were not a threat to the home.
This drilling program has considerably narrowed the overall target area and plans are underway to test the area to the north of the Wigwam Brook boulder field.
The occupants of the two threatened houses were forced to move out one year ago after residents reported that the boulders - which officials say first were loosened during the 1994 Northridge Quake - shifted after a heavy rain.
During that program, reconnaissance sampling of boulders in stream beds produced 176 samples that assayed greater than 1 gram per tonne gold (g/t Au), of which 15 sampled greater than 73 g/t Au.
Sandstone boulders were found exhibiting alteration features and geochemistry common to all the unconformity-related deposits in the eastern Athabasca Basin.
Kimberlite boulders were also found along the lakeshore on either side of AV7 over a total distance of 76m.
Locally derived uraniferous boulders are abundant throughout Otter Lake.
Approximately 100 short drill holes are planned in search of the source of high-grade mineralized boulders found on the property.
Keyser concludes that results of exploration work completed to date on the Boulder Lake Property, including the Company's own recently completed detailed 1,700 line kilometer airborne magnetic survey, are suggestive of untested exploration targets comprised of a combination of geophysical anomalies, geochemical anomalies and mineralized boulders.
The sandstone boulders contain elevated uranium values up to 0.
Boulder Dash is the internationally acclaimed action-puzzle game in which players dig tunnels, dodge boulders and collect diamonds to win.