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a large dam built in 1933 on the Colorado River in Nevada

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President Calvin Coolidge signed the Boulder Canyon Project Act authorizing construction of Boulder Dam and the All-American Canal on December 21, 1928.
Secretary of the Interior Raymond Wilbur, in rejecting the community as a place to house the Boulder Dam construction workers, was not as charitable in his characterization of Las Vegas which he saw as a 'boisterous frontier town'.
Proteoid roots were observed actively growing up into the leaf litter forming a tightly bound laminated mat up to 30 mm deep within a litter dam-microterrace and a boulder dam at the unburnt site only.
contract ever granted: $50 million to construct the Boulder Dam. Kaiser provided raw materials and dealt with government officials.
The conditions of life and labor on the Boulder Dam project also stand as a commentary on the problems of planning and coordinating such a project and on the human cost of getting the project underway before arrangements had been made to deal with living conditions.
The MacDonalds were in heavy construction in the West and helped build the Boulder Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge and Candlestick Park.
Several attempts at precisionist pictures of industrial forms (with two especially arresting images of the Boulder Dam) showed Shulman reaching into a more clearly "esthetic" realm of practice (making the shift from commissioned, architectural photographs into the high-priced zone of the "high art" print seem slightly less mercenary).
Construction of the Hoover Dam, originally called Boulder Dam, was begun at Las Vegas, Nev.
She plunged into a campaign for the preservation of Indian and Spanish handicrafts, became an amateur folklorist, and represented New Maxico at the Boulder Dam Conference in 1927, fighting for the regional autonomy of the mountain and desert states.
Brandi Stankovic, human resources consultant for Boulder Dam Credit Union in Boulder City, Nev., received Tomorrow's Star Award, which recognizes the achievements of young credit union professionals aged 35 and younger.
In 1936, Boulder Dam, now Hoover Dam, began operation as President Franklin D.
1933); "Aspens, Dawn, Autumn, Dolores River Canyon, Colorado" (1937); "The Tetons and the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming" (1942); and a rare image of Boulder Dam (1941).
n Throughout the century of its life, it has shown a doubling of its population with every ten-year census and continues on the same trend today, remaining the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the United StatesThe boom years really began with the construction of nearby Boulder Dam, later renamed the Hoover Dam, in 1931.
If Boulder Dam was to become a reality, this fear would have to be eased and quickly." Congressman Phil Swing, the principal advocate of the dam in Washington, D.C., felt the political heat and counseled the Boulder Dam Association to find ways of advocating the efficacy of high dams "without tying [St.
With the remodel of the Boulder Dam Hotel just completed and the theater's renovation under way, residents are hoping to bring back some of the town's past glamour.
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