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Synonyms for baker

someone who bakes commercially

someone who bakes bread or cake

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Delicious Desserts these limited edition Christmas cakes from Boulangerie 22 Will surely wow and satisfy family and friends.
Bouanen a par ailleurs affirme que les grevistes reclament [beaucoup moins que]une carte professionnelle pour ceux qui sont en activite et la disparition des boulangeries illegales[beaucoup plus grand que].
The limited-edition Pokemon pastry collection is now available at Boulangerie 22 stores nationwide.
The pupils learn how to make crepes at a boulangerie
Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard also hosts 'La Serre,' the latest addition to Emr Hospitality Group's 'Lifestyle Dining' portfolio, a French bistro and boulangerie, located in Vida Downtown Dubai.
The French boulangerie now serves breakfast that includes sweet and savoury viennoiseries, breads, crepes and galettes with a variety of fillings as well as classics like Eggs Benedict and Omelette Marseillaise.
Products from across the Brakes Group of specialist businesses were recognised with La Boulangerie, Creative Foods and Brakes branded products all winning accolades.
The space will be occupied by La Toulousaine Boulangerie Pastisserie Cafe.
More than 500 members of the West Midlands business community gathered at the ICC Birmingham to sample the new multi-sensory food concepts that bring live theatre to the table - The Boulangerie, Canape Taster, Indulgence Shots and The ICC's Pudding Society.
A Corner in Wheat developpe en effet, en l'espace d'un quart d'heure, trois lignes narratives paralleles: l'une met en scene une famille de fermiers qui cultivent le ble; la deuxieme est le recit d'une speculation (corner) machinee par le << Roi du Ble >>, qui perira accidentellement lors d'une visite dans un silo; la troisieme montre les effets de la speculation, dans une boulangerie urbaine populaire, sur la vente du pain, dont le prix double puis qui vient a manquer.
Brakes Group own-brand bread and patisserie specialist, La Boulangerie, has expertly crafted a new range of quintessentially French patisserie offerings, including three patisserie bars and three tartelettes.
French Bakery with energizing atmosphere, authentic and modern boulangerie experience, using natural ingredients and environmentally friendly practices to provide product and service of the highest quality.
One of the market highlights is the mobile Boulangerie (bakery), offering freshly baked bread and sumptuous pastries.
Manufacturers of baking equipment (flour filling machines, flour milling equipment, mixers, sealing machines) and suppliers of wheat to be transformed into flour are sought by La Boulangerie.
Les produits a cuisson au four, principalement les produits de boulangerie devant etre cuits dans les magasins et vendus frais, representaient 48.