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an inlaid furniture decoration


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From a Congolese perspective, the image of Boula Matari--the stone crusher but also the name given to sculptures depicting colonial agents--is represented with several statues: the explorer Stanley, King Albert I, King Baudouin I and Joseph Kasa-Vubu.
The version on "Welcome to Mali" barely tops 10 minutes and even then that's only to accommodate the secret track, "Boula." Live, the band stretches it out, and how.
The message was signed by Rhissa ag Boula, a leader of Tuareg fighters in the 1990s.
NEW YORK -- Rachel Antman, Denise Boula, Gerald Capano, David E.
Cole said: "For me, Boula was man of the match against Barcelona.
With: Mohamed Bada, Abardagh Kalka, Boula Kalka, Hans Kitti, Kapyarukoro Tjambiru, Tuaendoveni Tjiundiro, Mukaauatavi Hepute, Nate Handuwop Dambol, Daula Dambot Nambul, Asiajuk Sadorana, Benigne Sadorana, Otto Simigak, Margaret Guymala, Travis Milmarapuy , Tsewang Dolma, Josif Nikitovich Kechimov, Svetlana Nikitovna Kechimova, Vladimir Josifovich Kechimov, Gao ru qi du, Dai shi yong zuo, Luigi Garau, Gaetano Garau, Dennis Nyce, Stephen Nyce, Lavinia Legasugram, Francisco Mairal.
The Ngounza Boula Mananga religion gives serenity because when people have been baptized in the spirit they try to act well so as not to fall into impurity; the Ngounza religion counsels the ngounza to walk alone or to avoid distasteful walks and contacts with those who are not baptized, for the ngounza must speak the same language (...) so people inspired by the Holy Ghost seldom walk with unbelievers and people inspired by the Holy Ghost must fix their attention on God.
A goal in each half, a penalty by Taralides and a strike by Boula were enough to give the Aradippou team the three points.
Chrissie Tracey, 75, sustained fatal injuries when she was knocked down by an agricultural vehicle at Boula near Portumna, in Galway, on April 27.