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Synonyms for bout

Synonyms for bout

a limited, often assigned period of activity, duty, or opportunity

an often prolonged period, as of illness


Synonyms for bout

(sports) a division during which one team is on the offensive

a period of illness

a contest or fight (especially between boxers or wrestlers)

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an occasion for excessive eating or drinking

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Allison argues that souffles can be made without a bouilli, and what you may trade in richness you make back in stability.
Du riz bouilli, presente comme << l'ingredient secret >> est additionne pour garder les saucisses << dodues et juteuses >>.
My dear James, My bloody health has played me it in once more in the absurdest fashion, and the creature who now addresses you is but a stringy and white-faced bouilli out of the pot of fever: sub-acute rheumatism, whispers the doctor; the congested kidney, the genial pleuritic rub, the familiar recalcitrant liver, the aching constipated gall-duct, the swimming headache, and the devil to pay in every corner of the economy.
Mais c'etait surtout aux heures des repas qu'elle n'en pouvait plus, dans cette petite salle au rez-de-chaussee, avec le poele qui fumait, la porte qui criait, les murs qui suintaient, les paves humides; toute l'amertume de l'existence lui semblait servie sur son assiette, et, a la fumee du bouilli, il montait du fond de son ame comme d'autres bouffees d'affadissement.
En conclusion de son film, Linda remercie Fako de s'occuper de sa fille et lui dit : << Quand j'irai au CJBV [Centre des jeunes Boyce-Viau], fais du bon bouilli (en reference a une des activites de l'atelier << Mon Afrique a moi >>).