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highly seasoned Mediterranean soup or stew made of several kinds of fish and shellfish with tomatoes and onions or leeks and seasoned with saffron and garlic and herbs

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If the lobster in the bouillabaise seems a bit extravagant then crab can be used instead and plaice can be cooked meuniere style as an alternative to sole.
The fun snail-handled Slow Cooking Cocotte is a vibrant green 5-quart round French oven made for long-simmering stews, roasts, braised foods, and more, while the sea-blue 5-quart Bouillabaise Pot is topped with a fish lid knob inspired by French one-pot fish dishes.
Luxury residence Clos de la Bonaventure, less than 15 minutes from the famous Plage de la Bouillabaise, offers you the opportunity to taste the lavish lifestyle without needing to re-mortgage your home.
With that, Andre appreciatively spooned some bouillabaise into his mouth.
The beur or "banlieu" films like Bye Bye or L'Hexagone, for example, offer a triangular bouillabaise of North African, French, and African-American hip-hop culture.
Gugino has tried to make each creation - such as Bouillabaise, Chicken Curry With Tropical Fruit and Basmati Rice, Middle Eastern Lamb With Cucumber Salad and Spaghetti Carbonara - satisfying enough in taste and amount to stand on its own.
There are displays of monkfish parts, used in a concoction similar to bouillabaise, and fixings for noodle soups -- the kind immortalized in the film comedy Tampopo.
But preference is for YOUNG PALM, successful on his debut in Ayr and far from disgraced less than nine lengths fifth behind Bouillabaise in a hot winners' event at the Curragh two weeks ago.
For a white wine that brings a flavour of the hot south of France with it, try a characterful Picpoul de Pinet, a grape variety that thrives in the sunny Languedoc and is an ideal match with the local bouillabaise or cured meats.
And in between there are rustic regional specials like the cassoulet of Toulouse, the hearty beef daubes of Lyon, bouillabaise, the signature fish soup of Marseilles, and the duck confit of the Landes.
The bouillabaise, a rich fish stew served with garlic mayonnaise or the fiery hot (but delicious) rouille, boeuf en daube (slowly cooked beef in an earthenware pot) and the wonderful fresh herbs and seasonings of the region.
She was very creative - curry dishes and bouillabaise were among her favorites.
The plummy notes of a Beaune, light yet with a depth and body behind it, goes well with salmon fish cakes, bouillabaise, moules mariniere or mussels with chillies.