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any of several South American ornamental woody vines of the genus Bougainvillea having brilliant red or purple flower bracts

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Taxa Occurrence Remarks Class Hydrozoa Owen, 1843 "Superorder Anthoathecata" Cornelius, 1992 "Order Filifera" Kuhn, 1913 Family Bougainvilliidae Lutken, 1850 Bougainvillia muscus RG Immature colonies, (Allman, 1863) epizoic on H.
It's an extraordinary thing to find in bloom in the dead of winter, and far more beautiful than any showy tropical bougainvillia.
Bougainvillia muscoides showed its highest densities in the central sector of the Magellan Strait (4700 ind 1000 [m.sup.-3] Sta.
The species associated with shallower strata, lower temperature and higher dissolved oxygen were Bougainvillia muscus, Leuckartiara octona and B.
Bougainvillia muscoides (15.5%) has been collected mainly in the Chilean Patagonian interior waters (Galea, 2007; Galea et al., 2007; Palma et al., 2007a, 2007b, 2011; Bravo et al., 2011).
Species in the Bougainvilliidae tend to be meroplanktonic genera (e.g., Bougainvillia, Koellikerina and Nubiella, Table 2), and are not the most studied.
The widest latitudinal distributions are found in the genera Bimeria and Bougainvillia. Bimeria is found from 56.1[degrees]N to 76.1[degrees]S (Fig.
A revision of the genus Bougainvillia (Anthomedusae).
X X Native D'Orbigny, 1851 Cnidaria Anthozoa Octocorallia Telestacea Telestidae Carijoa riisei X X X Introduced Milne- (Duchas-saing & Edwards & Michelotti, Haime, 1857 1860) Cnidaria Hydrozoa Anthoathecata Bougainvilliidae Bougainvillia X X Cryptogenic Lutken, 1850 muscus (Allman, 1863) Eudendriidae Eudendrium X X Native L.
In this area, strong seasonal fluctuations have been established in jellyfish abundance in winter and spring, observing 33 species with a summer dominance of Amphogona apicata, Bougainvillia muscoides, Clytia simplex, Cunina peregrina, Hydractinia tenuis, Obelia spp.
The hydromedusae Bougainvillia macloviana, Hybocodon chilensis, Hydractinia tenuis, Laodicea pulcra, L.