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any of several South American ornamental woody vines of the genus Bougainvillea having brilliant red or purple flower bracts

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Also known as the paper flower, many people consider their conservatory incomplete without a bougainvillea.
It is possible to grow bougainvillea and hibiscus indoors which will give you a riot of colour, provided you keep them in the right conditions.
Bougainvillea can supply a profusion of blooms in spring and summer and some will continue to flower through the autumn and winter.
A good way to grow bougainvilleas is as standards in containers.
Bougainvilleas are evergreen in warmer climates but here they'll lose their leaves when the temperature drops below 50F.
Bougainvilleas are an exception; their roots should not be pruned.
Three of the most popular are Jasminum polyanthum (it's covered with delicate, potently fragrant star-shaped flowers in spring), bougainvillea, and lantana (both sport brilliant jewel-colored blooms in summer).
BRING the magic of the Med to your garden this summer by planting a bougainvillea, one of the most popular flowers in sunshine countries.
Draper, all bougainvilleas will be trained on the ground or on arbors off the main path, so drifts of red bracts that fall in June during peak bloom won't need constant sweeping.
Like many subtropicals, bougainvilleas usually shed leaves briefly at winter's end, then rapidly shoot out fresh greenery.
Beautiful: Bougainvillea | ALLO ALOE ON the way into the property, the little road is lined with greyleaved, yellow flowered aloes.
Tasks involve pruning overgrown shrubberies, which might include bougainvillea growing against a wall, in which case, branches formed of new growth generally should cut-back to the main stems.