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Mrs Hallifax Cup for Best in Bougainvillaea B - Aamal Al Moyyed (first), Mahmood Kazerooni (second), Rasedha Tadyoon (third).
Rolled I-beams support four shallow interwoven arches, each comprising a pair of rolled I-beams spanned by a trellis of vertical steel slats that will be covered with bougainvillaea. The structure was fabricated off-site and delivered in 13m sections that were hoisted into place by crane.
Brilliantly- coloured Bougainvillaea will brighten up your summer display and give your patio a Mediterranean feel.
Shaplen's Indochina was laced with joss sticksand bougainvillaea and peopled with a cast of stone-faced Buddhist monks, bitter CIA agents, upbeat American colonels, shadowy Viet-Cong, and greedy Saigon politicians.
Honeysuckle, bougainvillaea and jasmine ramble round the lower trunks over phlox, nasturtium and hollyhocks, all in full bloom in February.