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any of several South American ornamental woody vines of the genus Bougainvillea having brilliant red or purple flower bracts

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MAJORCA: ON THE BEACH (0871 474 3000) offers seven nights self-catering at four-star Ola Bougainvilla Hotel from PS398, ex-Leeds Bradford Aug 13.
Below: Winter reindeer from Swarovski, ` 7,350 Right: Spooky patent loafers from Christian Louboutin, ` 51,000 approx Left: Wrought iron reindeer candle holder from Bougainvilla Design, ` 2,700 Left: Dancing penguin charm from Mirari, ` 54,000; Right: Grey Goose La Poire ( pear flavour), ` 3,500 Above: Sony DSC RX100 camera, ` 34,990; Left: Bracelet watch from Furla, 9,500; Far- left: Knotted scarf from Woodland, ` 1,490 Above: Chunky necklace available at juvalia.
Marine Division on Bougainvilla, Guam and Iwo Jima where he was wounded in action and was awarded the Purple Heart.
Rats were around to be sure, hiding in the Bougainvilla where the cats couldn't get them.
through curtains of bougainvilla, going on forever, forever as it formerly was,
The role of hydroplasmic pressure in stolonic growth movements in the hydroid, Bougainvilla. J.