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4) On the other hand, early diagnosis, pentavalent botulinum antitoxin treatment (A-E), and intensive care have reduced the mortality rate from 60% to below 10%.
The patient received botulinum antitoxin on February 23, 2007.
Botulinum antitoxin is produced in a manner similar to anthrax immune globulin, except in this case, it is extracted from horse blood instead of human blood.
Botulism was suspected after the link to patient A was identified, and botulinum antitoxin was administered to patient B on the evening of July 28.
atropine, botulinum antitoxin and pralidoxime methylsulfate is deemed to be a separate lot for the application of the award criteria.
On hospital day 17, investigational heptavalent (A-G) botulinum antitoxin was administered (5).
Twenty-five (86%) patients received botulinum antitoxin, and 11 (38%) required endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation; no other patients died.
We also reviewed pharmacy records at these hospitals to determine whether botulinum antitoxin, which is widely available, was ever administered to a patient.
Serum and stool specimens were obtained for testing, and botulinum antitoxin was administered.
Limited clinical data were collected at the time clinicians sought botulinum antitoxin from state health departments and CDC, and changes in data collection practices occurred during the period reported.
All patients received heptavalent botulinum antitoxin (HBAT), an investigational new drug that is available through CDC (1) and is the mainstay of treatment for noninfant botulism.
Third, trivalent botulinum antitoxin (anti-A, B, and E) is stocked in most rural hospitals so it is immediately available for treatment when clinically indicated (5).