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an opportunist who profits from the misfortunes of others

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"The bottom fishers are putting multiple offers -- three, four, five [offers] -- on units without any emotional attachment."
On the other hand, underpricing your facility doesn't make it easier - it just attracts "bottom fishers."
The "bottom fishers" were on the look-out for cheap deals as prices fell.
Another cautious contingent of investors, the "bottom fishers" who waded in slowly as Japanese left, is still coming, but encountering its own problems.
For Newsday's Sheryl McCarthy, the show--one of many "bottom fishers in the lives of desperate and pathetic people" (like Amedure?)--"pushed [Schmitz] towards taking another man's life....
Distressed, foreclosed, and just plain inexpensive properties are generating interest from unusual parties, including foreign and American "vulture funds" and "bottom fishers." The historic but troubled Brooks Brothers building, at 1500 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, will likely be bought by a local development concern for less than nine bucks per foot.
Heading to deeper waters is the move for bottom fishers this month.
Gold prices rose on Friday amid demand from bottom fishers who viewed the commodity as oversold on expectations for the Federal Reserve to begin tapering
Brave bottom fishers looking for value in the boomed out technology sector should have a look.
850 Third Avenue is getting plucked from Pru by the King of the Bottom Fishers, Chicago's Sam Zell, now making a move on Manhattan...