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the last line in an audit

the decisive point

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I expected these individuals to be strict advocates of a bottom line mentality with value for the shareholder above everything.
In helping financial executives understand how they can leverage this trend to improve their bottom lines, we have compiled a list of go to vendors who can manage multiple phases of purchasing for different spend categories and deliver results.
By balancing and managing an organization's scorecard, executives can implement an automated solution to effectively implement their strategy and ensure accountability and control across the organization - leading to better bottom lines and higher shareholder value.
Sky IT Group, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for the apparel industry, today announced immediate availability of its Fashion Avenue Dashboard -- "Fashion Dash" -- to help apparel manufacturers and retailers and their customers use real-time data to help make informed business decisions that can improve their customer relationships and bottom lines.
We are pleased to host Verticalnet Summit 2005 and enable our customers to share their best practices, as well as talk about today's supply management challenges and how Verticalnet solutions help them conquer them to improve their bottom lines.