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a manufacturer that makes and bottles beverages

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CCEJ) to form a new Coca-Cola bottling company based in Tokyo, Japan called Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc, (CCBJI) the company said.
In each territory, The Coca-Cola Company will grant exclusive rights to these bottlers for the sale and distribution of bottler-delivered Coca-Cola beverages.
Bottlers Nepal also won the CEO award and the Employee Engagement award.
You have to bring those bottlers around to service national retailers like Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven," said ConsumerEdge Research analyst Bill Pecoriello.
Section two of the SDICA "virtually relieves bottlers of any liability for treble damages" from the Clayton Act by making territorial provisions legal until courts declare them illegal (U.
Bottlers who wish to continue using a large neck such as PET 30/25.
Coca-Cola said yesterday it will work with the bottlers "to develop and test new customer service and distribution systems to supplement their powerful direct store delivery.
Coca-Cola bottlers had been delivering Coke and the company's other drink brands straight to stores, setting up the merchandise and monitoring inventory for more than a century.
Coke's two biggest bottlers, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
In a 1999 report, the NRDC concludes that bottled water quality is probably not inferior to average tap water, but Olson (the report's principal author) says that gaps in the weak regulatory framework may allow careless or unscrupulous bottlers to market substandard products.
I would definitely recommend mobile bottlers to small wineries," he says.
As a result of the acquisition, Coca-Cola Femsa will occupy the top spot in Mexico's soft-drink market as well as rank among the biggest bottlers in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina.
The late Whitehead was one of the original bottlers of Coca-Cola.
Consistently low sugar prices have always favored the soft-drink industry, allowing bottlers to either maintain prices and see wider profit margins, or offer discounts and be more competitive.